• 10 months   ago
Do you love food? 
Oh what a silly question!
Everyone loves food!!
But aren't you tired of spending so much money on food which you aren't even sure is delicious or not? I'm sure you all have wondered how to save money but still enjoy the best and the tastiest  food, life can offer. 
Qatar is a rich country being a rich country wages/ salaries are high and so food is relative to the salaries. For a foodie or say a food blogger, for whom life us just Click-Eat-Post or Click-Post-Eat or...whatever, imagine the amount of money they spend (estimated 2000 Qr/week/person...whooo that's too much!). So in this article, I will be suggesting some restaurants where the food is like a glass of fresh lemonade for the thirty soul and well...cheap.
Shujaa Restaurant in Souq Waqif : This restaurant always has a line of waiting customers, that means good food. Kebab skewers are what the people come back here for – simple, but filling and cheap. 
Ric’s Kountry Kitchen : They offer large servings for reasonable prices. The interiors may look a bit worn out but the food is still good. It can get very busy on weekend mornings.
Just Biryani : I mean who doesn't love Biryani but I know what we live more...tasty cheap biryani! They have awesome Bamboo Biryani for 23- 24Qr and coconut fried chicken. 
Jollibee : It is undeniably the biggest and the most popular fast food chains in the Philippines, serving quality and affordable fried chicken and other well-loved Pinoy style products. Pinoys also love to invite Jollibee on their kiddie parties. 
Ciao : Best Italian restaurant on a budget. Ciao has tasty pizzas as well as exquisite pasta dishes. The place is very cosy with friendly staff. The place truly gives you a piece of Italy with its authentic dishes.
Yee Hwa : The quality of food never fails to impress other than their budget-friendly menu with a mix of Japanese and Korean food.