"Health" foods which are not as healthy as you think

  • 4 months   ago

Deep down in our hearts, the basic desire of us mere humans is to be healthy and to eat healthily, and why wouldn't it be? Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, and that is what each of us should be doing. However, as the years naturally progress, the concept of "healthy food" has been drastically changing, and when compared to not so healthy foods, we may have gotten mixed up between the two.

In today's world, a lot of "Healthy Foods" in our everyday lives are not as healthy as you think they are. You'd be a lot more surprised when you will find out what you've been labeling as "Healthy" is disastrous to your health. When you put down those so-called healthy stull in your tummy, you have no clue what your body system is dealing with, just like the gamblers who have no idea what they are doing when playing at online gambling sites or related casinos. So sit back, and endure with us this health lesson about all the "Healthy foods" that you've been consuming.

Vegetable Snacks
When it comes to veggie-based snacks, including the likes of veggie burgers and chips, we label them as healthy food just because you hear the word "vegetable" in there. While vegetable snacks might seem like a compelling healthy snack to eat, the truth is seemingly far from this statement. For example, potato is a vegetable from which simple potato chips are made from. "Veggie" chips offer the same logic, but with different vegetables, however, that does not supposedly make it healthy, as the original "Potato chips" are also made from vegetables, so what changed?
For some compelling reason, everyday wraps like tortilla wraps have been considered to be more "healthy" as compared to your basic sandwiches. Somehow, people forget to notice that the fillings in both wraps and bread are the same, regardless, which is why it's not as healthy as you think it is. Moreover, wraps have been proven to contain more hydrogenated oils and fats, leading to bad health.
Bottled Juices
Fruit juices have gained quite the traction these days, and these little bottled juices have earned a "Healthy" tag on themselves too. However, when it comes to bottled and "fresh" juices, these bottle-sold juices can contain an abnormally large amount of sugars, while some of them aren't even made from the fruit as well. Artificial flavoring and huge amounts of sugar just to make these juices taste better and relevant to the given "fruit" on the label can be seriously bad for your health, which is why you should use homemade fruit juices.
Bottled Tea and Coffee
When it comes to tea and coffee, they can be super beneficial at times when needed. Drinking tea is often customary in various parts of the world, while in some places, having coffee is more preferred. However, this need for caffeine has given rise to tea and coffee-based products, which are deemed healthy, but in actual reality, they are far from being healthy. These bottled tea and coffee are not only non-fresh, but they are also maliciously watered with sugar, allowing them to taste good.