Find Out Rice Varieties Across The World

  • 5 years   ago
Find Out Rice Varieties Across The World | Food | Blog | Qatar Day

There are different varieties of food and food stuffs around the world. One of the main categories of food that is used in India is called rice and there are different varieties of rice that is used for different dishes. The specialty of this ingredient is that this product is mostly cultivated in India. Basmati rice is one of the rice varieties that is cultivated in India and supplied across the world. 65 percent of the total supply across the world is done by India. There are different varieties of basmati rice too that is graded differently. If you are new to the history of rice then there are lots of interesting matters that you will find in the history of rice.

Royal food is prepared using this kind of rice and there is a different food item that is prepared out of this Basmati Rice. Not only one for that matter, there are plenty of them prepared using this variety of rice. It cooks up fast and is not time consuming. There is extra long grain rice too available in this category of rice. When we speak about food varieties we should definitely talk about the safety measures too, because adulteration is one thing that is extensively happening in food items for the profit increasing of the seller. There are different materials mixed up to bring in an adulterated food to look exactly like that original one. Unless we are able to understand the adulteration that can be done over these items people can easily cheat on us. Different topics arise when we have a discussion over food and one main thing that would be discussed over the thread would definitely be the safety of consumption.


If there is a threat in consuming a certain product then it could turn out to be dangerous. Rice is used as a stable food of India and the varieties of rice bring in the varieties and diversities that this country has in it. This country has various kinds of food and it differs according to culture. The spices and flavors differ a lot from south to the north. There is various other usage of rice too other than direct consumption. So if you are really interested in learning about the food habits and varieties of India and willing to get introduced to them then you will never be able to avoid this plate of rice. Every table will have a bowl of rice in the meal time. It is an obvious thing to feel that there is no proper food served in the table when no dish made of rice is kept over to be served. It is such an important food variety that cannot be avoided at all. There are different brands bringing in different varieties and kinds of rice to you. Check on these brands and labeling before you get to them. Know more about these varieties on the website and get advised to buy the best quality of rice to eat.