Dive in a Few of Topmost Gujarati Dishes

  • 3 years   ago

India calls for a food celebration. If you have never explored different cuisines of this country, it is the time that you do so. Talking about one of many areas of this nation, Gujarat has scrumptious Gujarati cuisine for you. If you have never tried to get into the dishes of this cuisine, you are at the right place. Here you can go through a few of the many Gujarati dishes that are overwhelming and delicious.


Talking about Khaman, it is prepared of soaked and freshly ground channa dal or better known as channa flour. This dish can be eaten as a rich snack. You can munch on this delicious dish in breakfast, as a side dish, evening snacks or even for light dinner. If you have no idea about the dish, you can go with Khaman banana ki vidhi. This way, you can try to prepare it.


Undoubtedly dhokla symbolizes a Gujarati and folks here are frequently considered to be a Dhokla admirer. Dhokla is prepared of   fermented rice and split chickpeas. It can be separated in diverse sizes, shades and the diverse style of fried and also boiled ones. The dish is often served with red, Green Chutney and Methi Chutney prepared of Dates and Tamarind. Dhokla: soft, flake type, flavoured and often fried with curry leaves, mustard, cumin seeds taste really scrumptious and fulfilling.


Frequently to be believed as a type of Parathas, however, slightly different, Theplas are usually prepared of wheat, spices along with Green leafy Fenugreek. These are blended well in dough. These are much different than the stuffed Parathas famous in the North India. Thepla reserves a position amidst the mandatories in food menu whereas travelling.  Thepla is catered with pickles and diverse types of Indian curries.


Butter milk, Yogurt, gramflour, ginger, garlic, black pepper, green chillies, clove, dryFenugreek andasafoetida are the ingredients that make this scrumptious dish. This dish is often served as the finest liquid mixer along with India’s national dish Khichdi, Rice, Thepla or chapati.  This dish even works as a remedy for the sore throat. Try it out and you can find some sort of relief. Apartfrom this medicinal value, the curry is absolutely finger licking and the fragrance is sublime.


Be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner, a Gujju is never going to deny the Handva offered to them. Handva that is a member of Dhokla family possesses its own exclusivity that makes it look and tastes differently than its dominant Dhokla. Handva, a sole layered thick bread is prepared either in pressure cookers or exclusive Handva cookers. The ingredients in this dish fill the eaters with utmost merriment and deliciousness.


Khandvi is a famous Gujarati snack amidst people who love light flavoured eatables rather than spicy ones. It is again prepared of vastly chosen gram flour and curd. You can consume it as it is or can even enjoy it with diverse chutneys prepared of green chillies or dates.  

So, don’t you think you were missing out something wow? It is okay if you don’t belong to Gujarat but that doesn’t mean you cannot relish Gujarati Food!