Current trends in Bakery Ingredients

  • 5 years   ago
Current trends in Bakery Ingredients | Food | Blogs | Qatar Day

The bakery industry is growing fastest and increasing the demand of foods such as biscuits, bread, cakes and pastries. Because, the tastes of the food is so yummy and many people wanted to buy these products. 20 % of energy value is added to the food and without compromising to taste the food. 5% of a rich protein and fiber are included in cookies and bread. Bakery products are mainly targeting the market by supplying high quality products. You can get high quality Bakery ingredients at

Egg replacers reduce the allergens incidence and produce vegetarian baked products. In cakes, muffins, and cookies have a blend of guar gum, sugarcane and soya lecithin to improve the cell structure. They have 0.3% egg is replaced by these ingredients. Egg can be replaced by algal flour to reducing the fat and calories and maintaining the best taste.

Sodium caseinate can increase the absorption of water and is very improver in wheat bread. Carboxymethyl, helpsretain moisture can increases the volume and formed as bubbles during the baking process. The hydrocollide, deacetylated chitin can increase the water migration and staling the bread.

Enzymes increase the volume and gives good structure, shape, size and color of the baked products. Amylases and lipases increase the freshness and softness of the product and remain same after the storage. Sugar alcohols, reduce calorie sweeteners replace the sucrose. Many ingredients like lactitol, mannitol, xylitol, sorbitol etc can replace the sugar. And make sugar free cookies.

The orange and red color can be produced by the β-carotene, capsanthin, and capsorubin. The color remain same while baked in high temperature. Ginger bread and cookies can replaced by Ginger oleoresin and oil. The annatto seeds, norbixin changes yellow to orange. Curcumin can protect gainst the racidity in bakery products. The blue berry adds the suitable taste for filling the cakes. Some cookies are made by strawberry, blue berry, goji berry and papaya.


Fructooligosaccharide can replace the sugar by 30% in cookies. Soluble fiber may be reduces the fat contents and improve the quality of the food. Aple and dietary fiber may be used as bakery ingredients. Shortbean cookies have healthy ingredients like starch to control the blood and sugar levels. Keep you away from diabetics. Sugarfree cookies are the best choice for diabetic patients and give energy. Corn maltodextrin reduces the 30% fat in cookies.

Gluten free products reduce the aging population and also health concern for obesity, diabetics and some diseases. The corn, oats products have low calories and good for health which can reduces the weight and removes the bad cholesterol. The markets can supplies the best and healthy Food ingredients Canada.

Many people afraid about the bakery products and thinks that they are not good for health. This is the wrong way to think. Because the company can produce the high quality products. You have to know the ingredients of the products before buying it and know the details of the ingredients which really good for health. So, check the product values before eating it and stay healthy.