Cakes: The Center of Attraction in Any Festival

  • 4 years   ago

Celebrate the festival with a cake

One of the delights of a festival is the abundance of sweets. Cakes are the confectionery items meant for Christmas and birthdays. And, why should we not indulge ourselves in this wonderful treat? Before we begin, let us see what more adds to the fun.

Having one variety of cake might prove a damper for some. To offset this drawback, we see look at more than one type of cake to eat during our celebrations.

Different types of cake

Fruitcake: The fruitcake is a mouth-watering delight filled with dried or candied fruit. This Christmas cake has nuts and spices for added flavour and occasionally spirits. Occasionally, one might see a fruitcake iced and decorated. People make fruitcakes for celebrations such as weddings and Christmas.

Nut cake: The nut cake has a base layer of broken biscuits. Plenty of nuts and condensed milk with a sprinkling of cocoa or chocolate powder on the top makes the nut cake unique. You can add jam or cheese and frosting to give your nut cake an extra pep.

Sponge cake: The sponge cake is simple to make and delicious to eat. It has the flour, eggs, and sugar as its basic ingredients. You have foam sponge cakes (meringue, chiffon cake) and batter (Victoria sponge) cakes. The former does not have so much fats, butter or oil. Air is added to give the spongy texture by beating the eggs. Sponge cakes are made during the Passover feast.

Chocolate cake: This cake has both cocoa powder and chocolate or any one of the two. One will find the plain flower, baking powder, condensed milk, and butter as the other ingredients. The chocolate cake has a special flavour and is a favourite with children. Sweeteners and vanilla cream are optional.

Banana cake: Made with butter, sugar, flour, mashed bananas, lemon juice, buttermilk, cream cheese, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt, the banana cake is simply delicious. Bake for one hour and add frosting if you want it. Be sure to fluff the flour properly while mixing with sugar and eggs. Cover with aluminium foil to keep the cake moist.

Readymade cakes: These are the cakes we order from the bakery. Go online and check all the cakes on offer. When you find one that suits your taste, place an order. Check the site for discounts and offers which they give in plenty during the festival time. If you intend to buy a cake for your family, follow the guideline of 4-5 people to a pound cake.

Bake and store your cake

Cakes can last for a considerable amount of time. People store it for years at a stretch sometimes. If you cover the cake in alcohol soaked cloth, then you can preserve it perfectly. Many people bake their fruit cake well ahead of Christmas since the use of alcohol helps to keep it fresh. A 2-kg cake (4 1/2 pounds) will serve about 18 people. If you order cakes from the bakery, you can use the cake delivery service to get the cakes on time for the celebration.

As the year winds down, we look for more ways to send it with a bang. Pick one of these lovely cakes and have a cheerful time with your friends and family.