8 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

  • 4 years   ago
Photo by stevepb, CC0 1.0

We all want to have shiny pearly whites, don’t we? When you have a beautiful smile, people are going to be more attracted to you and you’re going to feel more confident about yourself. However, you might be sabotaging your healthy smile with some of the foods and drinks that are in your diet. Without even knowing it! That’s because there are plenty of common foods and drinks that can have seriously negative effects on your teeth health which merely brushing your teeth cannot cure. Keep reading down below to learn about these food items and why they’re so bad for your teeth. 

  1. Soda: First up, we have a drink that might be on your favorites list. However, sodas (yes, even diet sodas) are full of acids that can hurt the enamel on your teeth that protects them. Without this enamel, you’re putting your teeth in danger of some serious gum diseases and other conditions that are no good for your smile. Plus, there are other parts of your body that are going to thank you when you give up those cans of soda
  1. Apples: If you’re already suffering from chipped or damaged teeth, you know how easy it can be to damage them even further. That’s why you should stay away from crunchy fruits and veggies that can further chip your teeth because of their tough texture. Either give them up totally or cut your apples into bite sized pieces that aren’t going to put too much pressure on your pearly whites. 
  1. Hard Candy: Other than being tough on your teeth if you bite down on them, hard candies can expose your mouth to a ton of sugar that’s no good for their health. It’s best to throw away those sweets the next chance you get, so you don’t get tempted to put all of that sugar in your mouth. You can easily replace these sweets with other, more healthy options. The good news is that there are dental products that can help out your teeth in cases like these.
  1. Ice: Even though this is not a food item per say, ice is one of the worst culprits for damaging your teeth beyond repair. When you have a drink with ice in it, you might be tempted to chew on that ice when you’re finished with your favorite drink. However, ice is no good for the wellness of your pearly whites. That ice is really tough and can easily chip or crack your teeth.
  1. Corn on the Cob: When it comes to corn on the cob, this is probably one of your favorite summer treats to eat on a nice day outside. However, that corn on the cob can be disastrous for any fillings or dental fixtures you have in your mouth. Instead of eating the corn straight off of the cob, you can enjoy this yummy treat off of the cob. This is much safer for your teeth and just as delicious! 
  1. Pasta Sauce: When it comes to staining your teeth, there are certain foods that are more proficient at that than others. And one of those is pasta sauce – this dark coloring can easily slip into your enamel and lead to horrible discoloring. If you don’t want to give up pasta sauce altogether, you can easily solve this problem by just swishing your mouth with water after your finished with your Italian meal. 
  1. White Wine: It’s actually been shown that white wine can be even more disastrous than the stains that can be caused by red wine. Sorry wine fans! When you drink white wine, there’s tons of acids in there that will leave your teeth vulnerable to more and more stains. It’s better to lay off the white wine than put your teeth at that risk for discoloration.
  1. Bottled Water: The last item on this list is something that you may think is completely safe for your teeth. However, during the bottling process, bottled water actually becomes more acidic. And that acid can seriously hurt your teeth in terms of coloration and the threat of cavities. 

Which of these foods and drinks do you currently have in your diet? If you want healthy and strong teeth, it might be a good idea to switch them out for something else.