5 Most Scrumptious Cakes Served in Qatar

  • 3 days   ago
Cakes are undoubtedly one of the favorite dishes of a person when it comes to different occasions such as birthdays, parties, or even when the cravings occur.
The delicious dessert is also served after a heavy meal to make the individual soul filling and happy that offers a great amount of delight when consumed sweet at the end.
We have curated some of the best scrumptious cakes available in this country that is assured to give you relishing moments.
1. Red Velvet Cake
A traditional crimson-colored chocolate layer cake with cheese icing, the Red velvet is one of the most preferred and liked cake for several occasions.
Typically baked with a combination of buttermilk, butter, cocoa, vinegar and flour, the cake was once a high-brow dessert served only for the elite and important occasions. 
Red velvet cakes are available in many outlets in Qatar such as Magnolia Bakery, Honey Special Cake Shop, Bateel Bakery and many more. 
Order your portion of the cake now and feel the joy it gives to the heart, soul and mind. 
2. Chocolate Truffle Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake is a unique kind of chocolate confectionary, typically baked with a chocolate cocoa powder, coconut, or chopped toasted nuts that is in a spherical, conical, or curved shape.
Ingredients in this cake include chocolate, heavy cream and butter that is usually created to give you the delectable taste.
Many cake shops and bakeries in Qatar serves with some of the finest chocolate truffle cake including Cake Gallery Qatar. 
Assuming the ingredients contained in the cake has already given us a mouth-watering experience, order your bowl now for some taste-filled time. 
3. Cheesecake 
Containing one or two layers, cheesecake is one of the sweet desserts that consists of a mixture of a soft, fresh cheese, eggs and sugar.
Originated from the ancient Greece, it is served in many countries across the Asian, European and North American continent. 
The dessert is served in many cheesecake factories across the country including the Villagio mall and Ezden Mall. 
Reading through these lines we know it sounds appealing to enrich your taste buds so walk into one of the cheesecake factories and order your favourite dessert.
4. Black Forest
The Black Forest Cake or the Black Forest gateau was created by Josef Keller by a pastry chef in Germany.
It is typically a chocolate sponge topped by a rich cherry filling in addition to the whipped cream on the cake.
Almost all the bakeries and cake shops will serve the most preferred cakes including the Cake Gallery Qatar. 
Looks good, odour’s good and tastes good! Your turn to try this flavoursome cake in the country. 
5. Blue Berry Glaze Cake
As yummy as it sounds, the name of the cake must have given some insights as to what ingredients are used in this specially baked cake.
One of the perfect choices for birthday parties, the blue berry glaze cake consists of blueberries, sweet condensed milk, a little portion of chocolate etc.
The cake is available in many shops across the country especially in the main cake factory – The Cake Gallery Qatar.
Which of these cakes has given you a scrumptious feeling and mouth-watering experience while reading the article? Let us know in the comments below and share the article with your loved ones.