4 Must Try Dishes At The Best Restaurants In Qatar

  • 3 years   ago
4 Must Try Dishes At The Best Restaurants In Qatar

Qatari cuisines are delicious and one of a kind. They bear influence from Iranian and Indian cuisines. Cardamom and saffron are among the most used spices in delicacies like Machboos or kabsa – a dish which is made from rice, meat, and vegetables, and is the national dish of Qatar. If you are in Qatar for a visit or you are a local resident living there, then you must be familiar with the authentic Qatari delicacies, which are available at some of the best restaurants in Qatar.


Let us see some of the best authentic Qatari cuisines that would blow any foodies mind.


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Some tasty and popular Qatari dishes that are worth the try:

International dishes influence the local cuisines of Qatar. The breakfast of the natives of the country is usually light and includes yogurt, coffee, and olives. While the main course, mostly lunch, comprises of meat. By many natives of Qatar, a light dinner is preferred. Scroll down to learn about some of the most tantalizing dishes served in the restaurants of Qatar.

1.    Thareed:
The dish is often a pot of stew made with vegetables like potatoes, onions, carrots, beans and others. It is usually prepared by combining chicken or lamb with tomato sauce and other spices. Pieces of bread are found at the end of the dish, which is soaked in the stew. You can also call it Qatari lasagna.

2. Machboos or kabsa:
The Qatari Machboos is very similar to biryani. It is a very tasty but spicy dish made up of rice and cooked with meat, any variety of meat like, chicken, lamb, goat, beef, camel, shrimp and fish. The dish is very famous in the local homes of Qatar. Localites there add a nice touch to the dish by topping it with rose water and limejuice, which gives amazing aroma to it.

3. Harees:
Harees is a popular dish in Qatar. It contains boiled, cracked or coarsely ground wheat mixed with meat or chicken. It is quite like porridge. The dish is sort after during the Ramadan and other festivals.

4. Balaleet:
This dish is known to be consumed during morning, in breakfast. But people often serve it as a dessert. You can eat the dish either hot or cold, based on your preference. The dish is inspired by an Indian dish. People who try it for the first time appreciate this dish because of its fascinating flavors. The dish is not only sweet and savory but is crunchy because of the nuts added to it. If you want, you can eat the Balaleet with an omelet, as most of the people in Qatar do.

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These dishes are considered the best among the Qatari dishes. You can find and eat any of these dishes in the best restaurants in Qatar. Apart from these dishes, you can also eat in the west bay restaurants, Doha, if you are visiting the country and are not a fan of Qatari cuisine.