3-Steps to Achieve an Online Halal Certification in USA

  • 5 years   ago

In the gradual phase of time the acceptance of halal food has been increased. Today, consuming the “permitted” food is not only restrained within the people of Muslim community only, with the globalization, many non-Muslim food lovers have started accepting the halal food by understanding the scientific ways of cleaning the meat. For health reasons as well, many people prefer to consume halal certified meat of any type.


What is Halal?

Halal means “permitted” or lawful. In the Islamic Holy Book of Quran, it has been mentioned that any food that is consumed should be clean and hygienic. Thus, according to the religious views, it is authorized to consume as well as cater only clean and non-detrimental food certified from halal advisory USA whether used in daily life or for business.

Apart from the religious instructions, considering the scientific assertions, consuming halal food is excellent for health. No chances of diseases remain that often caused from blood contamination of the animals. Thus, for the greater benefits, a certain section of people along with the Muslim community is depending on the permissible food approved by the halal certification agencies.

The Process—

It is checked by the halal certification agency that only a Muslim butcher is allowed to perform the ritual of slaughtering the animal. According to Islamic law- the animal is called ‘zabihah’, which has to be conscious during the halal. A prayer is chanted while hanging the animal upside down and at the end of the chant- the butcher takes a razor sharp knife to slit the windpipe of the animal.

The pasture-fed animal is hung like that until and unless all the blood from its body is out. No weak and sick animal can be used as a zabihah. After the blood is completely removed from the animal’s body- the butcher cuts the meat in different shapes and sizes per requirement.

Here are the Three Steps to achieve the halal certification in USA—

Premium halal certification agencies with the years of experience are involved in the process of certifying companies that are in various businesses such as- slaughterhouses, abattoir, meat packing, agro foods and dairy, tourism, apparel, retail, nutritional and health supplements, bakeries etc.


First of all, the business that is aspiring for achieving for being halal certified have to choose an agency and have to apply for the process online. An online form is provided where a couple of details of the company have to share as depending on those answers, the agency enters the next step.

Onsite Assessment—

After scanning the initial form submitted a representative from the halal certification agencies calls the owner to schedule a meeting for the step. This becomes an onsite assessment where the whole business is inspected.

Halal Certification—

This is the final step where the representatives of the agency ship the Halal certification package to the business owner and take up a virtual inspection to clarify other details.

This is how the business owners ensuring authentic halal products get certified. They can imprint the badge of being certified on top of their products or on the business wall to make people ensure their authenticity.