MUGHAL-E-AZAM - Love Story Of a Lifetime

  • 12 months   ago
MUGHAL-E-AZAM - Love Story Of a Lifetime

An extraordinary Love Story | Excellent Cinematography | Breath-taking Dialogues | Majestic Characterisation | Soul-Soothing Music


The amalgamation of all these led to the creation of such a beautiful piece of art, directed by K. Asif in 1960, which is now coming to our beloved country in the form a spectacular Indian Broadway Style Musical.

The theme of the conflict between passionate individual love and duty—especially the duty owed to one's father and patriarchal family lineage, involving the obligation to maintain izzat or honor. This is the story of that fresh budding Love which has to sacrifice itself for Duty. This is the story of a boy, growing up to become a man, fighting for his love and the lengths of his father - the mighty emperor will go to keep him from distractions. The love which didn't give up even after facing death and became immortal in its incompletion.

All this compiled up as a Broadway Musical show MUGHAL-E-AZAM. And after watching it, this periodical drama is how you will define love. Some stories do not need to be completed to live forever and this is one of those. It will live on and on with generations and will be passed on to your kids and grandkids and ahead.

Dr. Tejinder Singh, the CEO & Managing Director of Q-Tickets Qatar, enthuses, “It cannot be refuted, the Mughal-e-Azam Grand Musical Play, has earned standing ovations from the big crowd and numerous accolades in the international stage. Q-tickets is proud to bring not just one, not even two, but three Mughal-e-Azam shows for the very first time in Qatar. So, it’s not only the Indian community, but the entire Qatar audience, will get to enjoy this biggest show that everyone is talking about. This is a must-watch event everyone in Qatar must not dare not to miss.

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