5 Out-Of-The-Box Award Ideas for Your Next Business Event

  • 5 years   ago

When you’re choosing an award for your next event or award ceremony, whether it’s big or small, it’s important that your trophy matches with your event theme. The main reason is that these awards are kept by recipients for a long time and they are seen by all of the guests at the event. Therefore, they are a great way to increase brand exposure and instill brand loyalty.

To make sure that your award is sending the right message, the award choice should be something with an elegant design and subtle branding. Some awards like medals, vases or plaques are great for a certain kind of events. Medal, for instance, they are great for any sports event, while vases are perfect for retirement gifts. However, both these are less appropriate for a corporate ceremonies or business events. I always prefer crystal glass awards for such events because they are perfect for this. It looks more elegant and perfect for business occasions. Read on to learn more about them and which can be perfect choice for your brand.


Globe Awards: For multinational brands or companies with international appeal, the Globe awards make the perfect fitting to any event. These awards come in range of different base options, but a globe resting in a palm of hand indicates a brand with strong impact and leadership and would make a stunning award for a particular team or a subdivision. There are also other plainer base options if you want your award to be little more understated.

Star Awards: These kinds of awards are perfect for an individual who made a significant contribution to the company or made the most sales. Some star awards has star made from silver and build into the design which makes them stand out from glass. They have more modern look and perfect for technology brands or companies with young audiences.

3D Awards: By 3D award, I mean any award that is three dimensional, not flat. This can include some globe or star awards. However, there are other shapes also available if you want something more personal and customized to your brand. These different shapes are made from crystal and glass that are perfectly suited to certain businesses.

These 3D awards also come in more abstract shapes that are versatile and well-suited to your business like pyramids or cubes. All these awards can be branded or personalized by laser engraving method, where a design of your choice is carved directly onto the surface in clean lines using laser.

Optical Glass Awards: Optical glass awards are very clear, pure glass that are used in making of optical devices such as eyeglasses and binoculars. But, they are great quality option for awards too. A particular type of optical glass award is the optic block, which can be engraved with your brand or company design.

Column Awards: Column awards have resemblance to trophies because of their height, and so are perfect for business award ceremony. They are like all others, made from glass, crystal or optical glass and come in range of different styles. Some of the column awards have plainer design if you want to make sure your recipient likes the style.

Other column awards feature further more designs on the top for a bit of extra flair.

Conclusion: Anyhow, the above described awards are perfect for different kinds of business events or ceremonies. Make sure you choose the perfect one that makes your guests wow at your next event. And, if you’ve got some new and better ideas other than these, please share them in the comments.