Where to publish a video abstract?

  • 2 years   ago

If video abstract is considered as a short video, then it would look like a trailer in a film. Every industry prefers to have a short video to promote a larger project or market a product. There is a new category of videos that are so popular among marketing professionals, it’s called explainer videos. But in the case of academic community, this video content creation has not been so popular. Does it mean they don’t like it or they are just being too passé not to adopt it. 

Video abstract is the perfect instrument to help anyone to understand a journal article or a conference poster. This can also be used to portray university thesis and project. It’s not to forget that the concept of a book abstract video is not uncommon as you might find a lot of book abstract videos in YouTube and other video sharing portal. 

In the research community, journal publication is considered as the highest form of achievement when it comes to validate a research finding. But this is most often ignored the change in media consumption in recent years. The text form to image form and now the focus towards the video format could edge a new beginning of the media consumption. To stay ahead of the game, it’s the concept of the video abstract creation that can help students reach their college project to potential employers. 

The motivation behind a unique video abstract is to convey the initial introduction of any bigger work/look into in a compact configuration, with the goal that the watcher could seek after perusing the entire work. In this manner, the substance set up together in 'theory' ought to draw in the group of onlookers in an inviting temperament. It's an overwhelming errand with regards to structure a unique content. Lucidity of the point assumes a crucial part in designing a unique video. Aside from that, catchphrases, concision, and precision are not to be overlooked, on the grounds that they do convey enough significance in the general conceptual arrangement. For what reason is a Video Abstract superior to a Written Abstract? In video, you have more opportunity to clarify (progressively) the incomprehensible problems utilizing crude lab analyze video cuts, utilizing liveliness 2D, or 3D organize, diagrams, graphs and other regular representation designs in real life. 

As per a few investigations, visual data is effortlessly interpreted by our brains contrasted with literary data and it is evaluated that the visual data preparing by our cerebrum is 60,000 times quicker than the printed arrange. Visual data is for the most part alluded to the diagrams, graphs, and pictures. At the point when the visual data is put into movement, the human cerebrum sees that data superior to only the visual data. On account of content arrangement, the human mind needs to make an interpretation of from letters to words to sentences and after that make some importance, if conceivable. Visual data makes understanding less demanding than content configuration yet at the same time not up to the furthest reaches of a film or video. This is on the grounds that the story is innate in a video however the cerebrum needs to associate every one of the diagrams and pictures to frame a story to get a handle on. 

Abstract Tube (https://www.abstract.tube/) is the ideal answer for you! It is a unique video portal similar to youtube, however it is only devoted for researchers, analysts, understudies, and teachers. If you are graduating soon with a project title or a thesis title, you should better consider creating a video abstract and upload it in Abstract Tube. The reason to go to Abstract Tube instead of Youtube is that they are focused on those type of videos only. In youtube, nobody would probably watch it because the main audience in youtube is for entertainment purposes. 

Here is youtube link -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnL6oht9alk