Top 5 Tips for Buying Your First Piano

  • 3 years   ago

So you’ve finally decided to buy a piano? Well, we can safely say that you have a number of years of excitement, enjoyment and entertainment ahead of you. However, deciding what piano to go for can be a daunting task at times.

As you already know, pianos come in many different forms from different manufacturers at different price points. And there’s a ton of things you have to consider when you’re selecting your very first piano.

If you’re not sure where to look for a quality piano online, Handelpianos is great place to start, since they have a number of great models at good prices. With that out of the way, we should go over these five tips to help you buy your very first piano.  

1.    How the piano is made is crucial

Most people will tell you to look for a Japanese or a European piano, since that’s where the best pianists and best pianos are made. While 30 years ago this would be a correct statement, we’re living in a modern world. These days, all of the top manufacturers have factories all across the globe. You just need to be sure that the factory is closely monitored by the parent company and that quality control is still top priority.

2.    Consider who the piano is for

One of the main things you need to consider is who is going to play this piano. If you’re buying one for your child who’s just started playing, you should go for an entry-level model. On the other hand, if you’ve played piano for a number of years, you should go for something from the top range.

3.    Take a look under the hood

Every piano model is designed differently to sound a certain way, with a certain type of player in a certain type of space. This means you’ll have to look at the specifications closely when choosing a piano. For instance, if you’re selecting between an upright piano and a smaller model, keep in mind that upright models have longer strings that give them a richer tone.

4.    Reconditioned pianos are an option

If you come across a reconditioned, vintage piano, you should really consider buying it. Think of this as a long-term investment, because if the model is fully-serviced and you maintain it correctly, it will only gain more value as the time goes by. So if you manage to find one at an affordable price, you should definitely seize the opportunity.

5.    Try out as many pianos as possible

When buying a piano, you get some first-person experience. Therefore, go and visit some showrooms, talk to a few experts and play as much pianos as you can. This will help you narrow down your choice, because words on a web page can’t really describe how a piano will look, sound and feel.

Final thoughts

While online shopping is more popular than ever, when it comes to buying pianos, you need to check it in person before you make a purchase. So even if you manage to find a perfect model online, you should still contact the seller or the store and see if you can give it a try before purchasing.