The Cured: A Fresh Take on Zombies

  • 3 years   ago
The Cured: A Fresh Take on Zombies

Throughout the decades zombies have caught the interest of pop culture spawning countless books, movies, music, TV series, comic books and video games centered on the undead. We’ve seen zombies coming out of graves, eating brains and human flesh, even fighting against plants in your garden. Most of all, we’ve seen and read stories about zombies and humanity’s journey on finding a cure. 


With the amount of zombie material we’ve consumed over the decades, The Cured offers a fresh perspective on the phenomena. The Cured tells the story of what it’s like to be cured of the zombie virus, something we’ve never actually seen before.  It tackles sociocultural and psychological aspects of the result. Former zombies are now being discriminated against, treated like criminals for what they have done while under the influence of the virus. We see them struggle to re-enter society and be accepted. Survivors protest against them and their attempts to return to their normal lives. We also see the ex-infected struggle psychologically as they remember the things they’ve done while they were flesh hungry monsters causing them trauma and immense guilt. 

The story follows Abbie played by Ellen Page, a widow and single mom who welcomes Senan, played by Sam Keely, a former infected who has been cured and is the brother of her late husband. Abbie receives negative feedback by welcoming Senan especially as she takes him into the same roof with her son. Meanwhile the streets are filled with protesters and the former infected morph into rebels who are fighting against the discrimination they’re now facing. 

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