Qatar cinemas reopen: What it feels like going to Doha cinemas today?

  • 2 months   ago

Cinemas in Qatar have started to reopen this September, after being closed in March, as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Qatar.


The question is: Is it safe to return to the cinemas? How can you ensure your safety while watching movies?


In line with the Phase 4 of the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in Qatar, cinemas are allowed to screen movies onwards with a capacity of 15%. 


We took some photos to show what it feels like going to the cinemas in Qatar today. But, before checking them out, don’t forget to book your movie tickets at for an easier, faster, and more convenient booking of tickets.


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Here is our video guide on visiting Qatar cinemas:



Online ticket purchase and contactless payments are preferred. Contactless purchase kiosks are available at the cinema entrance halls. Booking is made easy with Q-Tickets! Only a few clicks is all it takes!


Social Distancing reminders are being posted across the vicinity. A distance of 2 meters must be kept at all queues like ticketing counters and food and beverage outlets.

Green Status on Ehteraz Application is mandatory and face masks should be worn at all times for all those who visit the cinemas.

Normal Body Temperature is compulsory. Temperature should be normal before entering.

Sanitizing Machines are installed in all the strategic locations. They should be made available at vintage points and used at all touchpoints.

The reopening of cinemas is allowed with maximum 15% capacity.

Safe and sufficient physical distance is to be maintained inside the cinemas. Adjacent seat will be left empty.

Photo by Qatar Day Filipino Correspondent Reidzkhan

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers when visiting the cinemas this pandemic:

Are there any age restrictions? 

Only those over 18 years and above are allowed entry.

Is it safe to return to the cinemas? 

In compliance with the Qatar Ministry of Public Health guidelines, cinemas are required to adhere to all necessary precautions. The establishments have conducted enhanced cleaning and sterilisation of the premises. They have also implemented safety protocols for a comfortable experience and peace of mind of all customers and staff.

Will operating hours be the same?

For most cinemas, the operating hours would remain the same. Fliks Cinemas (Mirqab Mall) are open from 10am to 3am, Vox Cinema - from 10am to 2am. Please check other cinemas websites for timings. 

Is it safe to order food?

Cinemas have extensive measures in place to ensure the highest levels of food safety are maintained such as monitoring and recording the temperature to ensure it is safe for consumption. In Vox Cinemas, staff are also following strict safety protocols which include sanitizing workstations every 30 minutes and washing their hands at least every 20 minutes and before handling food. Guests can also pre-order their food online and we also provide a contactless collection service to minimise physical contact.

Can I eat at the cinema?

According to Vox Cinemas, F&B is permitted within cinema auditoriums in fully sealed single use packaging in line with government regulations. And, as part of the rules and practices of F&B dining areas, masks can be removed for the purpose of eating and drinking.

Will cinema staff ask for ID?

Yes, cinemas staff can ask for photo identification as proof of age. You will be refused entry to the movie if you cannot provide an identification document to verify your age.

What is the minimum age to pay for a ticket?

Children under 3 years old can enter the cinema for free, according to Vox Cinemas. Please note: this does not entitle the child to a seat. 3D Glasses will need to be purchased as an extra.

Can I bring food from outside into the cinemas?

Food and beverages purchased outside the cinema are not permitted inside the cinema.



Safe and sufficient physical distance is to be maintained in the queue, ticket booth, kiosk and food and beverage counters.

Anyone not complying with the safety measures would not be allowed to enter.


Now that you know all the safety measures being taken in the cinemas in Qatar, enjoy ultimate cinema experience in Doha with extra care!