Nabuhay ang alamat sa ''Victor Magtangol''

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Alden Richards is a famous Filipino actor under the GMA network. He has been a good actor and has done many projects but only became very famous when he joined Eat Bulaga and partnered with a phenomenal star, Maine Mendoza. Their love team that is known as ‘Aldub’ has garnered millions of fans worldwide and even conquered the Twitter world. Slowly, the tandem became less famous than before but they are still both part of Eat Bulaga noontime show.


Recently, Alden started a primetime show that awakened the excitement of his fans. The title of the show is ‘Victor Magtanggol.’ The story of Victor Magtanggol is based on the Norse mythology which involves ‘Thor’ and other gods and goddesses of the myth. It tells the story of Victor, a simple Filipino who became a hero when he was chosen by the ‘Mjolnir’ or the hammer of Thor to be its next handler. That hammer is said to be the most powerful weapon in the universe but could only be used by the person it has chosen. Victor became an instant superhero when the ‘Mjolnir’ appeared to him and he was then assisted by the god Magni and the goddess Sif to face his new destiny.

The show has garnered many viewers inside and outside the country because of the whole new role that Alden Richards has to play. With the impressive digital effects, costume and famous actors/actresses that are involved in the show, Victor Magtanggol made each episode a trending topic. Coney Reyes who played as Victor’s mom as among the sought-after character of the viewers of the show as they are amazed to see her act with Alden. Moreover, the costume of the gods, goddesses, and Victor himself really brought life to the famous Norse mythology that inspired many games and shows before Victor Magtanggol.

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