Gemtracks – A NewMusic Collaboration Platform by Jesse Neo and MilanaLebovich

  • 2 months   ago

Jesse Neo, a singer, and songwriter from Australia has revealed his new collaboration with MilanaLebovich to create a cutting-edge platform for musicians to buy and sell beats, collaborate, and book recording studios. The platform is known as Gemtracks. The two singers have already established themselves in the industry with several releases each. Milanaalso belongs to the band, Nuthin Under a Million, and has recorded soundtracks for numerous Disney films.

 "After being in the industry for so long, one of the problems that we saw being faced by other musicians is the difficulty of earning a fixed income," explained Jesse. "This is why we decided to create Gemtracks as a marketplace for artists to do what they love while having the opportunity earn steady streams of revenue throughout the year."

The pair met in Los Angeles where the two worked as songwriters. Jesse was on the verge of starting an online platform to list his unused tracks due to the difficulty of doing them via a traditional publisher, and Milana was trying to utilize technology to disrupt the industry.

"The fact a lot of things are still done manually and have not changed for decides is what makes the music industry feel so stale," Jesse added. "For example, it is common for professionals in this sector to attend endless meetings to discuss how each song should sound like, what the share of royalties should be, and even how a song should be stored in a hard drive.”

So, to sell his unused beats and instrumentals that would otherwise be given to record labels, Jesse brushed up on his computer skills and launched Gemtracks. It started out as a personal online store, but when beats starting being sold for up to $600, Milana realized it could be a game-changer.

"I think what made Gemtracks so popular came down to the fact each beat can only have one buyer," Jesse continued. "This also means the buyer will get the copyright automatically transferred to them and not have to credit the original producer. In a nut shell, after the transaction, the buyer can do whatever they want without fear.”

Producers, including those that have worked with Universal, Sony and Warner, joined the company. Among them are Taylor Carroll, Lucas Gold, Beowülf and I.Y.F.F.E. According to current trends, hip hop instrumentals are the most popular. As new customers started signing up, new features began being added.

"The ultimate plan is to build Gemtracks into a sales and marketing company and tool for musicians to run their own services,”the Australian added. "Today, I am proud to announce that several new sections have been added to the website. These include a freelance marketplace where you can hire music producers, a directory to book music studios, and a free database of industry-related questions and answers."



So, if you are an artist looking to find beats or build up your portfolio, make sure you head over to Gemtracks now to find some beats for sale.