Fun Activities You Can Do While Kayaking

  • 1 month ago
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Kayaking is one of the most popular things to do on a body of water. On its own, it can be an engaging activity. Paddling alone against high-current tides can provide an adrenaline rush if that wants you’re looking for. If what you have is a low-current stream, it can help you get some exercise and clear your head. 

The beautiful thing about kayaking is that you can get double the fun by combining it with other activities. In this article, we will be looking at five activities you can do while kayaking:

 Racing: If you have some friends who are kayaking with you, you can challenge them to a race. After all, it is only right to know who the best kayak sailor is. Racing is a great way to get your adrenaline going and burn some calories. Your hand muscles will thank you for the exercise. Besides, what is more important than getting bragging rights with your friends and family?

● Fishing: If you enjoy fishing and kayaking, why not do both? Fishing is one of the most common activities people combine with kayaking. Instead of standing at the shores, you can take your fishing to the center of your local water body. Since the kayak has to be paddled, there’s no motor noise to scare the fishes. However, since you are going to be on water, you have to get reliable fishing equipment.

● Surfing: If you happen to live close to the ocean or are near any surfing locations, then surf kayaking is something you should try out. It takes some level of skill so you can start with riding the small waves. It operates with a similar technique to regular surfing. However, regular kayaks may not be suitable so you have to get surf kayaks.

● Play a ball game: This is another activity for when you have a group of friends together. There are no rules about what kind of ball game to play on a kayak. You can play a simple game of catch where you attempt to pass the ball to one another. You can also split yourselves into teams and play some kind of kayak basketball. The point is to have fun, and if you have enough imagination, you will.

● Have a picnic: You can organize a kayak picnic between you and your loved ones. Although most kayaks have just one seat, you can rent a tandem kayak which allows 2 people to sit in it. Once you paddle a fair distance offshore, you can start the picnic. Picnicking on a kayak allows you to get some much-desired privacy and also enjoy nature as you enjoy your meal. 


The flexibility people have with kayaking is one of the things that makes it so popular as a recreational activity. It is a great outdoor activity and can be done safely too. Whatever activity you choose to do alongside kayaking, you are guaranteed to have fun.