Best Media Players for TV Streaming 2018

  • 3 years   ago
Best TV Streaming 2018, Best Media Players for TV Streaming
Best TV Streaming 2018

These days you don't need to buy a smart tv to watch tv shows because there are many free tv streaming sites available to stream online. There are lots of ways to stream online content directly on your tv including set up box, game console and media player. Even, you can also access some popular service like Netflix, Amazon and BBC iplayer without buying a smart tv. So, today in this post we are going to share some best media players you can buy 2018 that let you watch almost endless TV series and movies.


Best Streaming Devices 2018:

Chrome cast is one of the best media players for tv streaming. If you have 4KTV and Hulu subscription then Chromecast is worth it for you. I am using Chromecast over a year and I never face any issue with it. If you don't have a 4ktv then you can go for $38 chromecst. 3 years day ago google release Chromecast2 which have interesting features.

Chromecast 2 Features

  • Better WIFI
  • New Design
  • Fast Play

Chromecast is a tiny portable device and easy to use. Jst save your favorite movies, tv shows and videos in Chromecast and you are ready to stream on your big screen.

Nvidia Shield:

If you are not ready to drop a lot of money on the streaming device then you should definitely go for Nvidia shield. It is not only a media tv streaming device but it is also a great gaming console. Nvidia shield offers you to stream high-speed games online in 4k. An operating system of Nvidia shield is easy to use. You can connect your iOS or Android device to the shield and broadcast to it wirelessly. You can buy Nvidia shield from and Walsart which cost you $179.

Roku Streaming Stick:

This list is incomplete without Roku streaming stick. Many people don't have an idea about Roku streaming stick so let me introduce you with it. roku streaming stick is a small device, not much larger than the typical thumb drive, that plugs directly into your TV and allows you to stream TV series, Television program, movies, music, games and other content from the internet. Roku streaming stick is another one of the best media players for tv. Roku prodives the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. This 4k compatible device features more than 5000 cahnnels. Try once, and best, you won't regret.

Amazon Fire Stick: is one of the most popular e-commerce websites which allow you to shop online. They have also streaming service known as amazon price video which allows you to stream premius content in best quality. But many people don't know about amazon fire stick which enables any TV to stream content over WiFi such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, HBO go and such more. This media player is a great for you if you have amazon prime member subscription. Because Amazon Prime members reap the most benefits of the device.

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