Avengers end game release

  • 2 years   ago
Avengers end game release

The 22nd movie in the marvel cinematic universe is right around the corner. Twitter is exploding excitement as we head closer to the epic conclusion of movie series with End Game. Over a week before the much anticipated release the director reached out to all the fans with #DontSpoiltheEndGame appealing fans to keep the secrecy intact for the Avenger’s Infinity saga.


The Marvel franchisee has loyal fan army contributing actively with fans theories, fan arts & fan fiction through the journey of 11 years. In the wake of the End Game, Marvels has launched emoji’s to show support for their heroes struggling for the comeback against the ultimate villain Thanos. With 50% of humanity wiped out, will the heroes regain the infinity stones and bring their vanquished allies back? The #avengersEndgame is slated to hit the theatres this 26th Apr. The star studded cast has been touring to promote the movie, interacting with fans while maintaining the suspense around key moments that fans wants answers for.



The Movie has an extended length of 3 hr runtime and expected to bust opening weekend records this year blowing past all the previous box office earnings.

We compiled bunch of tweets by fans expressing their excitement for Avengers End Game release.








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