7 Tell-tale Signs That You Were Born to Become a Musician

  • 1 month ago

“Good musicians are born, not made.” This famous essay topic has incited a lot of different opinions and sparked countless friendly arguments among peers.

Some say that great artists aren’t made in a day. Those who believe this think that musicians reach the pinnacle of their careers after years of passionate labor and hard work.

Meanwhile, others argue that some people are just born with a natural talent for playing music. They believe that while it is true that hard work and lots of practice help you hone the craft, you must have some inclination and innate talent from the start to succeed in the industry.

This nature-versus-nurture argument can go on and on, and it still won't reach an end anytime soon. The fact of the matter is that being a musician is a calling, and you can know whether it is yours to answer based on these seven tell-tale signs:

Sign #1: Music makes you feel young.

How much of who you are was due to the environment you grew up in? How much of it were you born with?

With many musicians coming from musical families, it is difficult to discern whether the talent runs in their blood or comes from being surrounded by music since childhood. But whether or not you were given a high-quality stringed instrument on your third birthday is not the issue – how music makes you feel is what matters.

Remember how you felt when you were in primary school, when the simple pleasures were all that mattered? You run out of the house with your shoes untied and jacket half-worn because you were in too much of a hurry to get dressed properly. When you’re looking forward to playing with your friends, nothing else seems to matter.

If you get that very same feeling as you prepare for the day’s rehearsals, no matter what task you’re accomplishing right now, then you’re a good candidate for becoming someone who makes music for a living.

Sign #2: You get emotional at certain parts of a song.

Natural-born musicians also tend to be moved by music.

If you feel emotional whenever listening to your favorite track, sing in the shower so loudly that the neighbors can hear, or get goosebumps during an awesome guitar solo, you are likely born to lead the life of a musician.

Sign #3: You don’t slow down just because you were rejected.

Much like people in sales, musicians hear the word “no” a lot in their chosen career path. But no matter how many times they fail, they remain focused on sharing their music with the world.

No matter how great your act may be, there will be times when it won’t be the right one for a certain gig or venue. Regardless of the amount of talent you have, you will still miss some opportunities because someone was there sooner or sounds a bit more like the club owner’s favorite musician.

But no matter how many times this happens, you don’t slow down. Instead, you move forward.

Regardless of how often you are turned down, you strongly believe in your talent and your own voice, and know that you can make yourself heard. This is another sign that you are a true-born musician.

Sign #4: You have your own set of rules.

Most musicians are free-spirited, so they often find it hard to accept rules from other people. However, they have a way of imposing their own restrictions because they intuitively know the right thing to do.

If you have a strong opinion on domestic issues like home organization, laundry, and even dishwashing, for example, it can be a sign that you were born to become a musician. The same goes for people you know who have a no-eating rule inside their car or those who want all their T-shirts hung rather than folded. This is because this sense of correct practice is what helps build habits and conventions that give birth to an artist’s personal style.

Sign #5: Music takes you someplace else.

Similar to a writer's words painting a picture, music can change where and when you are.

Being born with musical inclination means you are instantly transported to another time or another place when you hear beautiful songs. This experience is a result of your natural instinct that helps you associate music with certain situations.

For you, songs are more than just catchy melodies and groovy beats – they are time capsules that capture specific moments in time or a certain place.

Sign #6: You analyze other people’s music and break it down to the details.

Do you deconstruct and analyze songs and voice your opinion about why some parts of a song don’t feel right? If your answer is yes, then you’re born with a natural inclination to music.

People who do well in the industry notice the details in the music that others normally don’t – the tempo, the beat, and even the number of choruses included in a song. While it may be bothersome for other people (even your family and friends), the things you notice in music can help you look closely at the details of your own songs and discard or change whatever is not working. This only means that your music will continue to grow.

Sign #7: You tend to empathize well.

A good songwriter doesn’t just know how to weave words together well – he also has a lot of empathy. After all, how can he create music about situations that people can relate to if he can’t put himself in the listener’s shoes?

Natural-born musicians have a talent for feeling for others, which makes them effective in turning music into a voice that reflects people’s point of view. This also explains why some musicians are inclined to participate in caring professions, like teaching, volunteering, and coaching.

The Music in You

Being born musical isn’t something unheard of. In fact, some people are believed to be “gifted” with musical talents that surpass what an average person can achieve with years of practice. If you were born for music, you will find joy in every note you play, regardless of whether you’ve been around music all your life or never had the chance to get access to a good guitar or electronic drum set.




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