5 Entertaining Things to Do While In Qatar

  • 2 years   ago

The Pearl Qatar


Unlike anything you have seen before, the Pearl Qatar is a manmade island created exclusively for a luxurious getaway. Since 2015, 12 000 residents have inhabited the manmade island. Around the Pearl are shores which are as white as snow and dive sites boast amazing aquamarine life. On the island is a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, ideal for pictures and check-ins by beloved tourists. Each year the island attracts an elite group of tourists who explore international cuisines, extraordinary views and a high life designed to impress the world of onlookers. 

Museum of Islamic Art 

The streets of Qatar are filled with art but nothing quite beats the Museum of Islamic Art. The art held within the museum ranges from three continents over a time period of 1400 years. The precious artefacts are some of the Middle East’s most treasured pieces and can be viewed at your own pleasure! Enjoy pieces of art from Turkey, Egypt and Ira. 

Qatar in Plane View

View the city in a plane which shows you the aerial view of Qatar, something you could never envision any other way. The experience is both thrilling and beautiful. Tourists are bound to lose their breath in the air and what a stunning way to lose ones breath. 

Qatar has a number of beautiful experiences to take home, you can count on coming back to a city filled with culture and art, and it leaves you wanting more.