5 Entertaining Things to Do While In Qatar

  • 2 years   ago
5 Entertaining Things to Do While In Qatar

Over the recent years Qatar has built up a reputation for being an underrated vacation getaway. But with more tourists stopping in for a quick hello, the residents have begun to notice each hello is becoming longer, Qatar is attracting vacationers from around the world. Since the tourism industry has boomed within Western Asia, there have been a number of developments which have been designed to entertain and attract tourists. Here is our selection of the most entertaining things to do in Qatar while on vacation. 


The Souq Waqif 

The streets of Souq Waqif are filled with culture and life. Unlike anything you will ever experience, the heart of Qatar lies within the markets nestled in Souq Waqif. Here is where you get to witness, taste, smell and appreciate the country’s culture and architecture. It is a hidden gem that has been attracting tourists since the dawn of time and now in 2019, tourists are well aware this is one place that needs to be admired before heading back home. 

Retaj Hotel 

The Retaj Hotel is most popular for it’s almost casino like appearance and feel. The unfortunate part however is, no casino establishment can be found in Qatar. However, we have found a loophole through this and NetBet.co.uk has covered this. So although you cannot actually visit a land based casino establishment, you can still take your casino with you on the move via the internet. The Retaj Hotel offers Wi-Fi and is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. It overlooks the streets of Qatar and allows you some of the best picture perfect memories to snap up on your vacation. 

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