Transform An Old Trampoline Into Swinging Daybed

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Trampolines are great fun on their own, but after a few years or sometimes even a decade of exercise and play, they tend to just sit there in the yard. Once people have grown tired of seeing it collecting leaf litter and rainwater, they either end up going SUPER cheap at your next garage sale or in the donation pile.

Instead of tossing out all those fun memories though, you can keep the parts and the memories by repurposing them into a DIY bed swing. They are crazy simple to make, budget-friendly, and make a wonderfully whimsical addition to your garden or patio area.

Whether you like to have outdoor get-togethers or would like a cozy lounging area indoors, you can fashion your bed swing to suit your purposes. They can be as intricate or as simple as you want, and they will get you excited about your trampoline all over again.

Get started with this easy DIY bed swing tutorial from designer Ken Wingard with OWN’s Home Made Simple.


The rainy season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to get crafting. One of the best parts about repurposing an old trampoline into an extravagant swinging bed is that you already have most of the materials right in your yard.

With a few simple extras, you can make your bed swing within the span of an hour or less.

If you want to upcycle your trampoline into something you can enjoy year-round, you can use an old tent or tarp to encase the swing, keeping out the wind and rain.

Beyond your trampoline frame, there are some other key materials you’ll need.

  • Pool Noodles

  • A Box Knife or Heavy Duty Scissors

  • A Strong Spray-On Adhesive

  • Soft Fabric of your choosing

  • Strong Rope (check the tensile strength to make sure it will hold the weight of anyone in the swing)

  • Papasan Cushion or any other large cushion (if you can sew, you can make your own out of old memory foam)

  • Decorative Pillows and Throws

Now that you’ve got everything that you need, you’re ready to get started. First, you will want to remove all of the legs on the trampoline if they’re still attached. Just flip the frame upside down and the legs will generally pull right off. Otherwise, you’ll have to unbolt them.

Leave the frame in its upturned position so you can clearly see where the legs used to go. Then grab your pool noodles and get ready to cut.

Start by taking your box knife and cutting one straight line down the entire length of the pool noodle, making sure to cut all the way through.

After you make each cut, open the pool noodle up gently and “clip” it around the frame of your trampoline.

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