How to Fix Car Scratches Using This Simple Household Product

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use wd40 to fix car scratches

Car maintenance is always a hassle. Cleaning it is worse and one of the most tiresome chores at home but you just have to do it don’t you? Some take the easy way out and use the car wash while others do it themselves; well that does save money though now doesn’t it? But!! What are you going to do about scratches?

Scratches are extremely tiresome and can be a real damper especially when you have a new car. It’s heartbreaking to see even a small scratch on your car. Fortunately there is a natural and cheap way to get rid of scratches on your car. It’s easy; you use WD40 to fix car scratches.


1:Use WD40 to fix car scratches, it’s amazing

A car scratch can ruin the looks of a car. A vehicle is like your baby and besides that you spent a lot on it and if there’s one thing depressing it’s a scratch on your car. So how do you get rid of it?

But!! Here’s the solution brought out by YouTuber CrazyRussianhacker who’s back with another great life hack. He advocates using this home ingredient to remove the scratches from your car. Use WD40 and elbow grease to make the scratches on your car near invisible.

2:Here’s how to do it

In the video below you can see how WD40 and elbow grease can be used together to minimize scratches. WD40 was first developed in 1953 by Norm Larsen and it literally means water displacement. The 40 stands for the 40th time the formula was tested before it found success. It is a super ingredient and now it can also remove those little scratches you don’t expect to find on your vehicle.

The original purpose of WD40 is to repel water but WD40 to fix car scratches is an excellent new remedy besides being useful for other household applications. Try it out after watching the video here.

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