Home Improvements: Recaulking and Regrouting Your Bathtub Shower

  • 1 year ago

Everyone who takes their bathrooms seriously will understand how tiring and hassle it is to keep away the molds. Making your bathroom neat and fresh-looking every single time is not an easy job. Anybody can caulk and grout your shower or tub; however, being prepared on how to properly do it is advisable. If you are not careful enough, ruining your bathroom instead of beautifying it has a higher chance of happening.

There are simple tips and tricks you can learn to clean the old caulk out and recaulk your shower or tub. Here are exact and easy steps and techniques you should know in making your bathroom looking fresh and new.


1. Prepare The Materials

To prevent other issues, it is recommended to prepare all the necessary materials needed in the procedure. The essential tools you will need include a caulking gun, utility knife, putty knife, non-abrasive sponge, rags, tape, and others. This may also include other required materials such as cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, painting brush, scrub brush and other more.

2. Remove Old Caulk

With your putty knife, you may start removing the existing caulk. Make sure that by doing so you will not damage or scrape your bathtub. Others use mineral spirits or liquid caulk remover while some prefer bleach to thoroughly clean and clear out molds. Putting vinegar on your sponge will also help in removing the residues in your bathtub and sufficiently prepare the area.

3. Clean The Tiles and Grouts

Using a specific soap or scum removers will help you to scrub away and effectively clean your tiles efficiently. It is also advisable to cover all sensitive parts and surrounding areas with plastic sheets or cloths. This will help you avoid them efficiently and if you don’t intend to include those areas.

4. Dry Out The Shower

It is necessary that before starting this activity, you need to make sure that your shower walls are completely dry. Setting up a humidifier is highly encouraged; however, for cheaper choice, wiping dry rags will help. Moisture or some water on the grout will cause discoloration and ineffective setup of the new grout.

5. Tape Off The Area

To achieve a smooth and straight line, placing a tape on the area where you are planning to caulk is the trick. It will also help you avoid having messy surface and makes cleaning easier and faster afterward. Placing a tape measuring about one-eighth inches on either side of the seam will help you achieve a flawless recaulking.

6. Trim The Tip

Trimming the tip of your caulk at a forty-five-degree angle will make your job easier and more efficiently.  The design lets you perform the task effectively and comfortably. Make sure that the opening tip should be at the same size as the area between the tape.

7. Focus On Steady Stream

If you are now ready to go, you may now start caulking. Make sure to apply a little pressure on the gun as you move along the tub steam. One of the common mistakes among beginners is running it too slow. If you want a pace that gets you an even and flawless outcome, make sure never to go too slow. Moving too slow will cause the caulk piles up, and moving too fast will result from thinning caulks.

8. Shape The Bead

The goal is to have a concave and balanced surface when you finish the stream. One helpful technique to smooth the finish line is to apply a rag, paper towel, wet finger, or an ice tube. Then, carefully remove the tape and fix the blemishes left behind in the area. If you wish to paint caulk, make sure to wait until 24 hours before painting it.

9. Keeping It Up

After regrouting your bathroom, maintaining it is another challenge to take on. For you to keep those beautiful tiles and fresh-looking bathtub, there are other considerations you need to watch over. Here are some of it:

Regular Cleaning

Set the desired cleaning routine which will match for your availability and time. It can be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Watch Out For Permanent Stains

Don’t take stains lightly be it temporary and most importantly for permanent stains. There are grout renewal products which you can effectively use to change the color as you desire. 

Don’t Miss Corrosion

One of the main problems next to molds when it comes to our bathrooms is corrosion. Make sure to watch them out and take abrupt actions as soon as you catch one. There are stainless steel investment casting manufacturers who offer excellent tools and materials for your bathroom to prevent corrosion.

Invest In Premium Materials

When it comes to your bathroom issues, and other problems, investing in premium materials and products to use is highly regarded. Whether it is about cleaning your tiles and maintaining your grouts or having surface treatments and other castings. If you are unsure where to start your search, Vast is one of the most prominent manufacturers who offer premium quality materials.

The Bottom Line

For beginners who have no idea how to regrout your bathtub and bathroom walls properly, the tips will significantly help you. Knowing the essential tips and techniques on how to do it properly will save you from unnecessary hassles and future troubles. Furthermore, the step in making your bathroom look fresh and new all-time around is to have routine maintenance. Maintaining and keeping it up is the hardest and longest procedure therein; however, it is the most rewarding.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/bathroom-luxury-luxury-bathroom-1336167/