Cheap DIY Alternative To Dyson Hairstyler

  • 2 years   ago
Cheap DIY Alternative To Dyson Hairstyler

You’ve in all probability detected the rave reviews concerning the Dyson Airwrap, AN innovative hair tool that provides hair luscious curls. This new product is alleged to be the most recent and greatest in hair technology as a result of it combines powerful suction and warmth management to induce those envy-worthy waves such a lot of folks need.

According to Dyson, this innovative mechanics technology took six years to excellent. Imagine the numberless hours of analysis, experimentation and trial and error this took!


However, like something that claims to be the most effective within the market, this hairdresser isn't cheap! With a tag of $549.99, several folks settled with loving the before and once photos from afar. that's till some folks began to get a bit artistic with a DIY hack that has an equivalent precise results as this valuable hair tool.

A Chinese lady announce a brief clip of herself obtaining an equivalent beautiful curls with solely 2 straightforward tools: a standard blow dryer ANd an empty plastic bottle.

You can see within the video that the curls area unit accomplished just by inserting the hair within the plastic bottle so pressing the drier through alittle hole within the aspect. we are able to all see that it clearly creates an equivalent look because the Dyson Airwrap. verify the video to visualize for yourself simply however unbelievable these results are!


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However, one issue that no-one will account for (since this can be a DIY hack) is simply however safe this feature is. jointly person observed, the plastic bottles aren’t specifically equipped to resist the intense temperatures delay by the hair skilled worker.

Of course, folks from round the world were over able to provide this hack an effort and therefore the #blowthebottlechallenge was born. Even huge names area unit jumping on board with this Instagram trend. Celebrity hair and makeup creator, Olivia Smalley was among the numerous to post a video FO herself making an attempt this technique.

Even this seasoned hair stylist is clearly blown away by the results. However, Smalley will warn against exploitation bottles with skinny plastic because it might soften into your hair. She additionally says that spritzing your hair with water or another kind of heat protectant will facilitate protect your hair from the damaging temperatures.


Another user went to this point on show the possibly dangerous results of this hack. As you'll be able to see, the bottle is part burned that might create an enormous risk to users. this could be the cheaper possibility, however it’s undoubtedly one thing you wish to watch out doing.

Dyson Airway is also a good tool, however this DIY hack is pretty unbelievable, too! If you opt to do it for yourself, keep in mind the potential dangers and do thus at your own risk.