11 Simply Amazing DIY Candles You Can Make For Less Than $1!

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In case you're searching for some fun and simple fall exercises, consider making a few candles and flame votives. 

They require some innovativeness and tolerance, however the final product is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. Who needs expensive locally acquired candles and votive holders when you can enrich (and comfortable up) your home with ones you made yourself? 


The best part? The vast majority of these DIY ventures you can make from stuff you as of now have lying around the house.

1. Cake-Scented Funfetti Candle

You’ll need…

*2 pint-sized (16oz) mason jars

*Pre-waxed wicks

*Hot glue gun

*Pencils, pens, or something similar to hold the wicks in place


*2-3 tbsp water

*1-2 tbsp corn syrup

*A small paintbrush or cloth

*1/2 cup rainbow jimmies (or similar colorful sprinkles)

*1 lb soy wax flakes (or old candles if using smaller jars)

*Cupcake scented wax cubes (Also found at Michael’s)

*Measuring cup with spout

1. Use a hot glue gun to attach a wick to the bottom of the jar.

2. Mix together your corn syrup and water in a separate bowl, and coat the inside of the Mason jar with the mixture. A small paintbrush can help you reach the lower parts.

3. While holding the jar horizontally, add a spoonful of sprinkles and slowly roll the jar around to mix them up inside. Add another spoonful and repeat until the jar is covered completely.

3. Lay a pen or pencil across the tops of the jars and tape the wicks to them to keep the wicks centered.

4. Using a double boiler, or a make-shift one with a pot and heat-proof bowl (you can fill a pot half-full with water, bring to a simmer, and set metal bowl on top), melt the wax flakes and 3 or 4 of the scent cubes.

5. Pour two cups of melted wax into a measuring cup with a spout. Leave the rest of the melted wax in the bowl over simmering water. Then slowly pour the wax into the jar. Try to pour it directly into the center and away from the sides.

6. Freeze for 3-4 hours until the wax has firmed up, and then your Funfetti candle is ready to use!

2. Pretty Painted Votives

To achieve this artsy effect, simply scribble watery paint on the inside of a glass votive candle holder and let it dry.

Don’t mess with the paint too much, though, or they will end up brown!

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