Honest Homeless Man Gets a House and Job after Returning Wallet of Man Later Identified as a Factory Owner

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He was homeless and only had a few coins in his pocket – so few that he can’t buy decent food with his cash – but when 44-year-old homeless Thailand resident Woralop found a designer wallet filled with some credit cards and 20,000 baht ($580) at a subway station, he didn’t even pick a single bill and felt tempted to keep the money!

The cash inside that wallet could have kept him well fed for weeks yet Woralop was an honest man. Yes, he is poor but he is honorable. He knows that the money was not his to keep. So, he went to the police station to turn over the wallet.

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As it turned out, this wallet was owned by 30-year-old factory owner Niity Pongkriangyos who was quite shocked that a poor, homeless man would be so honest to return such a huge amount of money, considering that he could have used it himself.

“If it was me in that position, I probably would have kept it,” Pongkriangyos mused.

Pongkriangyos knew that he really should reward the homeless man for his actions. Of course, giving him monetary reward was surely good enough – but Pongkriangyos also knew the saying “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”


Thus, Pongkriangyos decided to reward Woralop with something that was far more valuable than the contents of the wallet: a job and a service apartment he can call his home!

From being homeless, Woralop now has a nice bed and a secured home to sleep in at night – and he earns 11,000 baht ($317) a month which is about half as much as the money he found in that wallet! Thanks to his honesty, he gets to enjoy a better life and can easily earn the amount he found in the wallet.

Since he’s been used to living frugally in the years he’s been in the streets, surely the wages he’ll be receiving will be a big thing for him to live a wonderful life!

Photocredit: SWNS / Bright Side ME

Indeed, “Honesty is the best policy!”

“I’m so grateful to be given this chance to turn my life around. Having a clean bed to sleep in makes me so happy now,” said with a big smile on his face.

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