What is Bitcoin Mining, and How is it Done?

  • 4 months   ago

Bitcoins are created through the process of bitcoin mining. Bitcoin network can work because of bitcoin mining. The main role of miners is to provide high security to the network and process each transaction. The transactions are processed by solving complex computational problems, which is why specialized computers perform Bitcoin mining. The miners solve the computational problems which allow them to chain the nodes or blocks of transactions. This together, is known as blockchain technology. Without the bitcoin miners, the bitcoin network would be dysfunctional and attacked by hackers or spyware. 

All the bitcoin miners are racing and using trial and error methods to solve the computational problems to earn bitcoin prize. The miners keep on trying thousands of calculations until they find the right one. The hash rate is the total number of calculations that are performed by a miner in each second. The high the hash rate, the more problems are solved successfully. When accessing the profitability, you must take the hash rate of miner into consideration as different miners have different hash rates.


Every ten minutes, there are new bitcoins created by the bitcoin network through different websites like profit-revolution.com; this means it wants everyone to run and one to win the race. As the more miners try to solve the puzzle, the more are the chances of solving the puzzle. The bitcoin network does its job by making the problems harder every time to solve. This is done by adjusting the numerical value of the puzzle that is known as difficulty. 

When more people are there trying to mine bitcoin, the difficulty level rises to make the puzzle harder to solve. With rising difficulty, the chances of winning for miners get decreased. It isn't good for people who are slow using the mining equipment as they don’t even get a chance to compete with others. This indicates the cost because the serious difficulty reduces the chance of winning the race and bitcoins as well. The miners can combat difficulty by utilizing a powerful tool for mining, but this affects other parameters.  

The initial cost of the miner

To solve the complex problems, you are going to use powerful miners, which in turn are going to be expensive. This means you need to spend more money on buying them. The ASIC mining box can be quite profitable to you as it might be a powerful miner, but it cost a lot of money. Before winning bitcoins or earning a profit, you need to spend more money on powerful equipment.

Mining Pools

Mining pools are used widely to get a good return from bitcoin mining, but it is important to know how they work?  Earlier bitcoin mining was used to create a lot of bitcoins. The miners need to plug in the mining equipment easily, and by turning it on, bitcoins come. But in today's time, generation cryptocurrency has become harder.

In the traditional method of bitcoin mining, the miners' race to complete the mathematical algorithms, and in every 10 minutes, one person wins the race. The prize of the race was 25 bitcoins, and then the system's were reset, and the race starts again. 

Is the difficulty of creating bitcoins increased by using computer power?

From a few months back, the difficulty of creating the bitcoins has risen. This is because of the growing popularity of virtual currencies. Also, the leap forward of computing power is used by the mining equipment of ASIC. These things have made mining undemocratic. At the time of the rise in the price of bitcoin, people start investing in large amounts of equipment used for bitcoin mining. Even there are some companies that have a rack full of powerful equipment that helps in bitcoin mining faster. 



Entry in Bitcoin Mining Pool

The bitcoin mining pool is the collection of people who get together to mine bitcoin in unison. They bring together their computing power to solve the problems faster and win the contest. After this, the poll pays out to all the participants according to their efforts in mining. This method shows that you can also mine a small amount of bitcoin with your bitcoin mining equipment.