Ubuy: A Trending Online Shopping Platform in Qatar

  • 2 months   ago

The online shopping trend has been growing rapidly across the globe and it is accounting for more than 14% of the total retail sales happening globally. This trend started in the early 90s and stores like Amazon have made it a household trend in the current scenario. This online shopping phenomenon has changed the way consumers buy products and businesses sell their stuff. With an estimated population of 2.13 million people, more than 0.3 million people are active Ecommerce buyers in Qatar.

The overall Ecommerce sector has aligned well with the support of the Government of Qatar; who believes in promoting more innovation and entrepreneurship along with supporting the start-up ecosystem. This in turn helps to develop the economy and trade in the country.

People around the world are slowly realising the benefits of shopping online and hence Ubuy has taken the initiative to offer its services in 90 countries worldwide. There is a growing trend of people preferring online shopping in Qatar due to the impact of Covid 19 regulations and safety precautionary measures. Ubuy is offering its customers an option to choose from more than 50 million diverse range of local and globally branded products. People choose Ubuy to find stuff that is not easily available elsewhere. Even celebrities have begun to try the exclusive services offered by Ubuy.

An Overview of Ecommerce in Qatar

The Ecommerce sector in Qatar is a sunrise sector and is expected to grow to (US 3.2 billion) by the year 2022. Most buyers in Qatar spend about an average of 260 USD per transaction. The popular categories for online purchases include electronic products, fashion, travel, home appliances and kitchen equipment. 

The Covid -19 restrictions imposed on the consumers and businesses helped to increase the Ecommerce activity in Qatar. The consumer preferences are slowly shifting towards the online world and retailers are analyzing their marketing strategies and finding unique ways to expand and modernize their online selling platforms. The top Ecommerce players like Ubuy are launching new products regularly to attract more new and first time customers while providing existing customers with an opportunity to choose from a plethora of high-quality global products. The middle eastern region had been enjoying the mall culture of shopping for the past few decades and hence customers are now realising the convenience of using their mobiles, desktops and tablets for shopping. The trend of online shopping in Doha, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan, and all major regions around Qatar is getting more popular day by day.

Growth of Internet Penetration and Mobile Shopping

According to a survey conducted by Mastercard more than 80 per cent of the respondents said they were highly satisfied with their online shopping experience. Qatar has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the gulf and also offers secure online payment options. 

The use of smartphones in Qatar is more prevalent compared to the rest of the middle east region. More and more people are making purchases using smartphones and smart devices.  

About Ubuy

In a world filled with multiple online shopping platforms, Ubuy is something unique, different and special. It's not just another online shopping site but rather; a whole new world offering more than 50 million products from most of the top global brands. Ubuy was launched in 2012 in Kuwait and provides online shopping service to people in 90 countries. The Ubuy shopping website offers more than 15 categories of diverse products, ranging from electronics, mobiles, fashion & jewellery, beauty, sports, office products, baby and toddler to books, pet supplies and musical instruments.

Ubuy offers its customers all the latest products from top global and local brands combined with great delivery and privacy. The freights and customs duties are charged according to the country and the local levies, etc. The customs clearance process is handled by Ubuy and the products are shipped right to the customers’ doorsteps by globally renowned cargo company “DHL.” Only legally permitted products according to each country criteria are allowed to be purchased on the site.

Ubuy brand has made its presence felt on top social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube. Ubuy also manages a dynamic blog covering many relevant and interesting topics. Customers love the prompt and customer friendly service and keep coming back for more products. 

Customers shopping on Ubuy can choose to pay with VISA, Amex, Paypal etc. All the products and goods ordered through Ubuy will be delivered to the delivery address mentioned by the customers on the site. Customers have the option to choose products from 8 unique stores from different countries that are offered through the Ubuy website. Just click on the particular country store to find all the products from that particular country store. The following country based stores are available on the website: US Store, UK, Germany, Kuwait, China, Japan, Hong Kong and the Korea store. 

Is Ubuy a Secure, Legit and Trustworthy Store?

The Ubuy website is an HTTPS site where the “S” stands for secure and safe connection. All the communications between the browser and the website are encrypted and hence quite safe. Ubuy is a growing company and is getting better each day by learning and making all the necessary changes to adapt and excel in its field of online shopping business. 

Ubuy is a legit and trustworthy store that is registered and has been providing millions of customers with high-quality global products. They use the latest technologies to safeguard their website services to provide an excellent seamless online shopping experience to its customers.

Ubuy believes in delighting its customers 24/7 by providing the best products and services at all times. The dedicated customer service team is active round the clock to track and follow up on any customer queries and complaints. If any customer receives an incorrect or damaged product then they will get a full refund according to the return and refund policy of the company.

Ubuy Qatar Reviews

Many customers who shopped on Ubuy have given positive reviews about Ubuy on highly reputed and reliable sites like Trustpilot and Google Shopping. These reviews play a major role in the company to make further decisions and also to fine-tune and improve the existing services. Every review is important for Ubuy and any service or product issue is sorted out by the concerned department within the stipulated time.




Ubuy has been trying very hard to carve a niche for itself in the global Ecommerce market by trying to be different and unique compared to other players. The Ubuy website is very customer friendly and quite responsive to meet the expectations of the global consumers. Ubuy ships all their products from 8 international warehouses located in different countries. All customers can get genuine branded products to fulfil all their needs and desires at one location and enjoy their life in comfort and happiness.