The Importance of Customer Feedback for eCommerce Businesses

  • 6 months   ago

Are customer feedbacks important? How do they affect the growth of your business? Many e-commerce experts swear by customer feedbacks for the growth of their business. Every customer that purchases something from your eStore might have a different product/service experience. These collective experiences determine how well the brand has managed to leave a mark on its customers. According to several studies, it also determines the future sales and growth of the company. 

With eCommerce, seeking information, reviews, and collecting experiences have become easier than ever. To know more about how customer feedback impacts your brand and how it can amplify growth, continue reading!

How can customer feedback help your eStore grow?

1. Enhanced customer experience

A dissatisfied customer is likely to never return to your site for online purchasing. If you don’t collect their feedback, you won’t be able to determine your shortcomings, causing you to lose precious customers. Thus, by calculating the customer satisfaction rates, you can further enhance your services to make their experience better.

2. Focus on superfans

Superfans are those loyal customers that like your services and are likely to recommend it to the people they know. You can find them by checking the 9-10 ratings or overwhelming feedbacks. They can market your brand by promoting it in their circle and, thus, must be well taken care of.

3. Product Development

Normally manufacturers don't get time for continuous product evaluations, and most customers don't send feedback until asked. Customer feedback is one of the best ways to evaluate your products and make further changes and enhancements. 

4. Acknowledge and benefit

Acknowledging your customers and displaying that you care can make them feel valued. This will lead to better customer experience and higher customer retention, as well. Also, this will decrease customer acquisition costs without having to spend any extra buck on it.

How to get started with collecting eCommerce feedbacks?

There are mainly five ways to collect customer feedback that can help in enhancing the business and allow growth.

1. Customer feedback surveys

This is one of the most common feedback gathering methods. It allows you to gauge customer preferences, demands, pain points, etc. This measures customer satisfaction and offers you useful insights to make the necessary changes to your product/services.

2. A one-on-one outreach

Another way of collecting feedbacks is by making contact with the customer one-on-one. Reaching out via calls, in-person, or chat can help you get quick insights into customer experiences.

3. Social media assessment

Monitoring social media handles for the response on particular posts or offers can be used to gain feedback from customers. The insights of the likes, comments, and shares can give valuable information about the likes and preferences of the customers.

4. Monitoring user activity

Some applications allow you to observe the actions of the visitors on your site. This can give resourceful information about customer interaction within the eStore. According to their actions, you can determine when to send in a survey form for the collection of feedback. Such actions can be made when a customer completes a purchase, abandons the cart, etc.

5. Using feedback boxes

Feedback boxes are like suggestion boxes that can help in the collection of feedback. You can pop them up when the user is surfing inactively, browsing FAQs, is exiting the site, etc. This can capture customer sentiment at the moment and provide realistic feedback.

You can make the utmost use of automation tools for further analysis of the collected feedback in one place. Ecommerce allows you to collect and categorize the feedbacks to effectively analyze and act on them. You can also prioritize them according to the impact it is creating on your business.

Once you act on the feedback, you must revisit them to check if the problems persist. An efficient team can manage KPIs and ensure that everything is well managed. 




Summing up

Customer feedbacks are valuable as they provide insights on how well the product could fulfill its demand. They expose shortcomings and allow you to work on the weaker nodes. This saves customer acquisition costs, retains customers, and provides a great user experience.

Although you may receive all kinds of feedback, both good and bad, the key is to acknowledge them and work on them. Customer feedbacks can significantly help grow your business provided; they are implemented the right way.