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From the last few decades trading has changed its traditional form and it has become more advanced and beguiling. Thanks to the online brokerage who have changed the whole scenario of online trading with their advanced features and technologies. Trading, once was the hectic business but now it has become so informal, with only one click of a finger the whole trading world comes in front of you and you can easily explore it with grace. Online brokerages are the easiest way to enter the trading world.

In all the online brokerages STR capital is attracting the online investors and traders by their user friendly features and the apparatuses which are helping them to improve their trading experience with the advantage of earning more and more money. Their aim is to lead the online traders to the new era of the trading, it is a platform that is providing all the major trades with great knowledge and experience and can be easily trusted by their clients.

Assets to Trade

STR capital isdealing with all the major trades that are highly in demand in all investors and traders.

Commodity Trading

Buying and selling process of raw materials such as cotton, coffee, sugar, crude oil, gold, silver and cocoa is called commodity trading. Commodities can be traded in all major markets throughout the world. The prices of commodities are traded every-day that is why the prices of commodities are always changed in the markets. Commodities comes in two different types,

Soft Commodities

Contains on agricultural products such as rice, sugar.

Hard Commodities

Contains natural resources that are extracted from other raw materials like gas and silver.

Forex Trading

The process of buying and selling of currency pairs is called forex trading or FX trading. These currency pairs are known by their three letter codes like US dollar as USD and Euro as EUR. With the daily trading volume of $5 trillion it is the major and most liquid market around the world. Traders can trade 70+ currencies through forex trading.


Indices are the indicators or measurements that shows the price performance ofa group of shares from an exchange. While having a single position trading indices enables you to get disclosure to the entire economy or a sector in a while.

Stocks or Equities

The shares that are issued by publically traded companies are called stocks or equities. It is a high liquid market and traders can get profits from stocks and equities through the rising price of shares. NASDAQ and FTSE100 are the most trading indices in the stock markets.

Account Types

After opening an account on STR capital you can access to the trading world easily. There are the accounts which are available for the traders and investors who are interested to trade with the brokerage.

Basic Account

To open basic account of STR capital you have to require minimum amount of 500 EUR. You can get trading alerts from the all major markets. You can have 10% loyalty bonus with insurance level up to 10%. You can also have signals once a day. Daily market review is available for you that can be helpful to understand the position of the market. Personal account manager can assist you up to 2 weeks.

Silver Account

To open silver account you need a minimum amount of 10,000 EUR. Advanced charts are available for your convenience. You can have the trading alerts from all the trading markets every-day. You can get 20% loyalty bonus with insurance level up to 20%. You can have a saving account to save your assets. Account manager assist you in your trading matters up to 2 weeks.

Gold Account

You required a minimum amount of 100,000 EUR to open gold account of STR capital. You can have access to the advanced charts with exclusive updates. Daily trading alerts with daily market reviews are available for you to understand the situation of the trading markets. You can get up to 30% loyalty bonus with insurance level up to 30%. You can get signals twice a day and can get unlimited services of personal account manager to assist you in your trading matters. A group of analyst monitors your performance in trades.

Platinum Account

You can open platinum account with the minimum amount of 250,000 EUR. Advanced charts and exclusive updates are available for you and you can also get trading alerts from all the trading markets. You can also get loyalty bonus up to 60% with insurance level up to 60%. You can have a saving account and learn the money management. A group of analyst, analyzes your trading performance.

Diamond Account

Diamond account can be opened with the amount of 500,000 EUR. Daily trading alerts with exclusive updates are available for you. You can get loyalty bonus with insurance level up to 80%. Account manager assist you at any time you want and the team of analyst analyze your performance in the field of trading.


Millioner club can be opened with the amount of 1,000,000 EUR. If you are the client of milliner you can have access to the advanced charts and can get the trading alerts from all trading markets. The loyalty bonus and insurance level is up to 100% for the clients of milliner club. Personal account manager always there to assist the clients and analyzing team is ready to examine your trading experience in the trading field.

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Why Trade with STR Capital?

STR capital always concerns about its clients and provide the services that are highly beneficial for its users. It is a client oriented platform which is trustable and traders/investors can invest their assets with STR capital without nay reluctance. It is a platform which is equipped by the tools and advanced technologies that are the center of attraction for the traders. The highly qualified team of professional and expert traders leads the investors in an appropriate manner and take them to the new heights of success. Trading analysts examines the performance of the clients and give them useful advices to improve their trading skills.



Final Verdict

It is important for you as a trader to choose the right brokerage for your trading experience. Most of the brokers claims that what they are offering is the best for you, but it is your right to choose the accurate platform for your trades. Trading is not an easy task and new comers or beginners, they can face the failure in the start but at the end they can taste the success with their hard work and trading wisdom.