Cubits Review: Is it a Respectable Crypto Exchange or not?

  • 1 week ago

Cubits are not a cryptocurrency exchange in the logic of a devoted trading place; instead it is an admission level facility and it permits you to purchase and sell bitcoin rapidly much similar to Coinbase and Bitstamp. In count, the corporation also advises secure bitcoin storing. You have to first verify yourself so you can unlock the complete potential at the cubit's account. The verification procedure is enabled by ID now which is a digital credentials solution accessible in many countries.

Advantages of Cubits

A lot of Cryptocurrencies and Systems of Expense Reinforced

The cubits work with a lot of fiat currency thus their workers can credit or extract in EUR, SEK, HUF, and a lot more. More prominently the business supports a great variety of suitable payment means like cars, bank transfer, OK pay, and Skrill. Moreover, the cubit's flexible API permits the traders to receive bitcoin directly and offers numerous shopping carts.

Friendly with New Commerce 

Because of the earlier opinion and Cubits’ interface is very simple and is easy to use, the facilities it delivers are appropriate for Beginners in the world of cryptocurrency.

Wallet Facility 

Cubits consist of each bitcoin facility which means that it also gives a safe wallet for storage and moving your coins. In fact, not every exchange gives a wallet facility to the users. 


Cubits claim that it preserves all of the operator's funds in the cold storage and their hot wallet only consists of only the company’s bitcoin. Cubits every time directs all of its clients to use the two-step verification so they can ensure that their entree to the account is private.  If you want to invest in bitcoin visit

Disadvantages of Cubits

Only Bitcoin Available

The facility which is given by Cubits only provisions Bitcoin and You can’t trade with other famous coins for example Ethereum and Ripple and more. That might upset some people who invest in the cryptocurrency. However, we should keep in mind that this is an entry-level service. 

Large Fees

The charges which are charged from the Cubits are their main disadvantage. The business charges a fixed expenditure on purchase and vendor processes which is knowingly larger than the usual in the segment of cryptocurrency. 

No trading on margin

Cubits do not provide margin trading. It is not amazing in the cryptocurrency interplanetary. The forex brokers provide Bitcoin trading and also some exchanges and also provide power.

Nations in Which Cubits is Obtainable

Cubits are accessible in each nation in the Globe instead of the US. Though the features accessible to you will vary liable to your place. If your nation is not under list, Cubits cannot confirm your identity and will not let each payment choose and will only suggest a transmission boundary of one fifty-euro equivalent in one day. If your nation is under the list then you can confirm your identity and demand larger boundaries and use the full utility of Cubits. 



There are many fiat currencies and money transfer means which are reinforced but you can’t trade with altcoins nor exchange and can’t even exchange one coin for additional. Cubits originated from a team which is from Berlin while the firm which is behind is listed in the United Kingdom. It is not controlled as the United Kingdom like furthermost nations has not the industrialized appropriate legislature.