CoinePro Review: A Well-Equipped Trading Environment for Everyone

  • 2 months   ago

With inflation and unemployment on the rise and the looming decline of the economy, it is a given that people are finding it difficult to earn enough money to sustain a lavish lifestyle.Even if you work round-the-clock, it still wouldn’t make much of a difference when it comes to achieving your financial freedom. It takes a long time for anyone to build their career and it could be years before you even come close to fulfilling your financial goals and meeting the deadlines you have set. This can be incredibly frustrating for people because no one wants to wait that long. 

It makes you wonder if there was a way to quicken the process or to earn some money on the side. Sure, everyone knows it could be done illegally, but what if there was a legitimate solution? Do they exist? If you scour the internet, you will come across one solution that’s now being widely used by people all over the world; online trading. In the last decade or so, online trading has seen a massive surge in its popularity because anyone can step into this space without any hassle. Even if you lack experience and knowledge or don’t have any specific qualification, you can become a trader.

While online trading has significantly advanced and has become easier and more accessible, it does have one prerequisite that you need to fulfill at all costs; a broker. That’s right, it is not possible for you to step into the market without a broker because they are the ones who provide access to markets and they give you the software that you use for executing your trades. This makes them a vital element of your journey and you cannot move forward unless you find a broker you can trust. Fortunately, the adoption of online trading has meant that the number of brokers in the market has also gone up. 

But, even though having so many options is a good thing, it has also increased challenges for the traders. The online trading market has had more than a few scams and scam brokers are one of the most common scams that have happened. Unregulated and shady brokers were established to fool traders who didn’t know any better. If you do some research, you will come across various incidents of people who lost the capital they had invested or their identities were stolen and used for illegal purposes. 

This was due to the fact that they had either chosen a fake broker or an unregulated one that didn’t have proper security measures in place. Due to these issues, it is important to understand that you cannot choose a broker right away. To make a decision in your favor, you have to spend some time in checking every feature and aspect of the broker until you are sure of them. Moreover, you shouldn’t just rely on the recommendation of others because every trader is different. What may have worked for one person may not necessary be the right fit for you. 

Having to switch brokers every few months can be an annoying and time consuming process, one that you don’t want to undertake. To ensure it doesn’t happen, you should have a clear understanding of what you want in a broker and initiate your search accordingly. One of the most reputable brokers in the market is CoinePro, one of Europe’s leading financial institutions. It is recognized asone of the most reliable CFD and forex brokers that can offer their clients a wholesome trading experience. They have been able to build a name for themselves through exemplary trading services that they offer to their clients. 

As a matter of fact, CoinePro is regarded as a complete package because they have a strong regulatory status and also provide their clients with access to everything they may need during trading. They have a team of experts that are dedicated to delivering value to every trader. After all, the broker was founded by a group of traders who had a strong background and experience in cryptocurrencies, trading strategies and risk management. They tapped into this knowledge for delivering an impressive asset index, superior execution and a wide array of trading and training tools that can be invaluable to any trader.

Thanks to these factors, CoinePro has climbed the popularity ladder quickly and is not one of the leading brokers in the market. But, in order to make sure it is the perfect fit for you, it is better to analyze its various offerings properly. Let’s take a look at what CoinePro can do for you:

How does CoinePro maintain your security and privacy?

As mentioned earlier, the number of scams in the market have made security and privacy important issues for traders and not something they can ignore. No matter how low the trading fee might be, smart traders will know not to choose a broker if they don’t offer top-notch security. In fact, if the broker is lax about security and charging very low trading fee, there could be a catch. CoinePro was developed by a team of experts who are well-aware of the security concerns and so they have ensured that their privacy and security policies are more than adequate.

First and foremost, CoinePro is a regulated brokerage and so it is compliant with all international standards of regulation. This means that the KYC and AML policies are also in effect here. These are the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies, respectively and they involve verifying every trader before allowing them to use the broker’s services. This is a great tactic to ensure that no shady profiles or fake accounts are created with CoinePro, which can then be used for conducting criminal activities. It is not possible for cybercriminals to find a way around these policies because they ask for proper documentation as proof of ID and residence. 

The former is given by submitting your national ID card, driver’s license or passport and the latter can be done by providing a copy of your utility bill or bank statement. Traders also have to provide pictures of their debit or credit cards, if they plan to use them on the broker’s platform. Likewise, CoinePro doesn’t allow traders to use third party accounts for making deposits and withdrawals, so they can only use bank accounts in their own name. 128-bit encryption has also been used by the broker for encrypting every piece of data that’s entered on their platform to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

In addition, CoinePro monitors their website regularly and has implemented firewalls for keeping track of traffic. To maintain customers’ privacy, their data is not shared with third parties or advertisers without their consent. The information collected by the broker is only for delivering their services and other administrative purposes. The broker has outlined their security and privacy policies on their website and you can peruse them to your heart’s content until you are sure there is nothing lacking. 

What trading products can you find?

The trading products offered by a brokerage are also a priority for traders. It is possible that you may want to trade just one instrument, but if you have done any research, you would know that diversification can work wonders for your bottom line. Even if you begin with one instrument because you are inexperienced, you should have the option of expanding later on, once you have garnered some experience in the market. CoinePro is a great option in this regard because the broker offers a huge range of trading products to its clients, which are from different financial markets.

At CoinePro, traders have the opportunity of trading more than 1,253 trading instruments, something that only a few brokers are capable of offering. However, the most notable thing about their offerings is that no matter what asset category it is, CoinePro has added the most profitable and popular choices. Hence, it provides people with the opportunity to generate maximum returns and choose trading products according to their risk tolerance. There are both volatile and stable options that you can choose from, as per your preference. Some of the assets that you will find at CoinePro are:

- Stocks 

The first asset category that you will find at CoinePro is stocks, one of the oldest markets in the world. The broker gives you the opportunity of buying and selling shares of some of the top companies from different industries in the world. You can trade shares of companies like Google, Apple, Coca Cola, Facebook and plenty of others and have access to great trading tools and low spreads.

- Indices

If you don’t want to trade stocks, but do want to trade relating to the overall health of the economy, indices are the way to go. They are somewhat volatile, which makes them exciting and lucrative for traders and CoinePro has added them to their index. You can find a wide array of stock indices on the platform, which can help you earn profits and get the highest possible return on investment. Some of the options that you will find at your disposal are DOW JONES, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and FTSE 100. 

- Forex 

Known as one of the most liquid markets in the world, Forex involves the trading of numerous currency pairs. There are a ton of options available, including major and minor currency pairs, and even exotic ones that are highly volatile and unpredictable. CoinePro allows you to trade in the forex market 24/7 sand they have incorporated some advanced trading tools to help with forex trading. 

- Commodities

Traders who don’t want to start their journey by opting for volatile assets can go with commodities. They are quite profitable and less volatile, as compared to other trading products available in the market. One of the best things about commodities is that you can trade a plethora of products in the market. These can be divided into categories like soft commodities, which include coffee, wheat, corn etc. You can also trade hard commodities, which include natural energies like oil and precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium and more. These can provide you with substantial and consistent returns in the long run.

- Cryptocurrencies

One of the most prominent additions that CoineProhas made to their asset index is that of cryptocurrencies. They are the hottest financial instruments of the decade and have helped many in earning high returns due to their volatility. The crypto market is worth billions today and CoinePro provides its clients with the opportunity of trading some of the leading crypto in the market. You can opt for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and some other options as well. In fact, the broker has gone as far as adding the Crypto Volatility Index by BIPA on its platform, which can come in handy for traders during the process. 

What kind of trading account options are available?

An essential step in the trading process is to open an account with the broker you select. You have to create an account because it is used for keeping a track record of all your activities with the broker. This includes your account statement, your trading history and account balance, along with your personal information. It is standard for every broker to offer several account choices to their clients, particularly those who are facilitating traders from different backgrounds, ranging from novices to seasoned traders. You will find the same when you sign up with CoinePro, but this broker is set apart from its competitors because it has come up with unique plans that boast different perks and features. 

At CoinePro, you are presented with three comprehensive account options and you can choose one that meets your trading requirements. Let’s take a look at the choices:

- Micro 

The Micro account is the first choice that you will find at CoineProand you have to deposit a minimum of $500 with the broker to open it. This option has been introduced for newbies and beginner traders with no prior trading experience in the market. Therefore, you will find only basic features included in the account, as the traders don’t really need any advanced tools at this point. 

The minimal lot size for the Micro account is 0.1 lots, traders can use a financial calendar and benefit from static spreads and they also get live news feed. The trading platform Optima is also available while leverage is set at 200, as the traders don’t have a lot of knowledge as of now. You can also use the guidance and assistance of a personal manager in this account. 

- Standard 

The second account that CoinePro has introduced for its clients is called the Standard account and this account is primarily aimed at intermediate traders who have some knowledge of the market and some experience under their belt. The minimum deposit needed for opening this account is $5,000 and a welcome bonus of 25% is given to those who sign up for it. The leverage in this account is higher than the Micro account and it set at 300 because these traders can afford to take some risks. Users can get access to Masters Partial and the trading lot size is increased to 0.5 in this account. 

- Premium

This third account has been added by CoinePro for traders who have a great deal of experience and knowledge of the trading world. Professional and expert traders will find this account perfect for their needs and they have to deposit $50,000 to open it. Opening the Premium account will give traders a welcome bonus of 50% and they can also benefit from a higher leverage of 400. The minimal lot size is set at 1 for this account. 

You can choose any one of these account options, depending on the capital you have to invest and your experience. Registering for your account is quite straightforward as you only have to provide some basic information like your name, location, phone number, address, email and password. As for your account currency, you can choose from USD, EUR and GBP. You should ensure that you are at least 18 or older to be able to create an account at CoinePro. 

What trading platform can you use?

Knowing what trading platform is offered by a broker is crucial because this is the software used for executing trades and managing your positions. If the platform doesn’t do its job, you will not be able to reap the benefits of trading. At CoinePro, you can choose from multiple trading platforms, which allows every trader to find one they are comfortable with. The options start with the Optima trading platform that has been created for efficient yet easy trading. This trading platform can be fully customized as per the trader’s preferences and uses cutting-edge technology, which eliminates any hitches or problems. 

If you want a more flexible and simpler option, CoinePro has also added the WebTrader to their platform offerings. As the name indicates, this platform can be accessed via the web browser, which means no worries about downloading and installation. It offers superior execution speed to traders and is equipped with some of the most powerful trading tools you can find. Despite the advanced features, the trading platform is immensely easy to use due to its intuitive and responsive interface. Custom trading indicators are available, along with numerous charting tools that traders can use at their discretion. One-click trading is another plus point of this trading platform.

Apart from these choices, CoinePro has added trading apps for Android and iOS devices that can be downloaded quickly. This has become a demand in today’s fluid world because people enjoy trading on the go and want to be able to access their account, regardless of where they are. The broker has developed user-friendly trading apps and has integrated various trading tools to deliver a seamless trading experience through them. 

What resources and tools can traders access?

Entering in the trading market might be a breeze, but in order to enjoy the kind of success you have imagined, you will have to have knowledge as well as skills. No trader is born with them and anyone can master the art of trading, as long as they have access to the right tools and resources. But, this is where most traders get stuck because they don’t know how to find reliable and accurate knowledge on the internet. Even a small mistake can be costly in the trading market and you want to avoid that at all costs. This can only be done when you have the right knowledge that can be put to use.

CoinePro has taken steps to provide its clients with access to this knowledge through its platform. The broker has added in-depth educational resources and trading guides on its website. As a matter of fact, there is a full section that has been dedicated to providing guidance and knowledge. There are videos, courses and e-books that can be quite helpful, along with tutorial by experts. Both newcomers and even skilled traders will find these resources quite useful because they provide the most updated information relating to the market.

Other than educational resources, CoinePro has also made the effort to add some advanced trading tools for assisting traders in making decisions. These can help ensuring better accuracy and lead to smarter decisions, which are great for your bottom line. Some of the trading tools that the broker is offering include an economic calendar, forex and currency converter and Central Bank ratings. There are a ton of risk management tools that can also be found. 




Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take long for traders to realize that CoinePro can prove to be an excellent choice when you want to have a profitable and flawless trading experience. Whether you are someone just starting out or are a seasoned trader, CoinePro is capable of meeting your needs easily. From trading conditions to easy banking, everything is a breeze for you.