5 Things you Must Add in Your Salon Business Card

  • 1 week ago
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Beauty is one of the topmost expensive deals in recent times. With technology bringing out new and rapidly developing methods for clearer skin, darker lashes, removing facial hair, innovative styles to soothe your face, and so much more, gaining the spotlight in the beauty industry, opening salons may be your next big million-dollar idea.

But one needs to know that with demand comes competition. One can see so many new salons opening up at regular intervals, with prices vying with each other for profits. With so much competition developing by the day, what shall make your salon stand apart is the representation it receives, in the absence of your speech: Advertising.

The way you advertise your salon speaks much about what you intend to do with your business and helps you gain more regular customers promising you higher profits. But how do you get to maintain a proper advertising model for your salon? One of the best agents of advertising is business cards. To make sure your salon card stands out and is appealing, you need to ensure you have some very important details covered on it.

Here are the five important things that your salon card needs to have:

1)  Salon name:

Anything requires a name. Just like how our identity is useless without a name, your salon needs an innovative name to make its mark. While thinking out a name for your salon, make sure it is simple to read, easy to remember and is unique to describe what you do. What you christen your business is what speaks for the work you do. Make sure your salon card has your salon name in bold letters, different font and differently coloured, right on top. Oftentimes, people may just glance at business cards, so it is important you get your name printed right and legible.

2)  Salon Logo

Apart from a unique name, your salon needs a logo that stays in everyone's memory, like how we remember dominos for domino's pizza, V for vogue, green basket for big basket and so on. A good logo must make a good impression on customers as it is often the first and only thing they see before shifting through to other cards.

Look for any image or visual that represents your company's spirits and goals. You could also make it themed to match your cards, like a black and white theme or striped gradients. Staying away from darker shades with shadows and lighter wording helps. You can use apps to help guide you to make the perfect logo for your brand. There are several 'beauty logo maker’ apps available online through which you can design & create your salon logo efficiently. From themes to designs to illustrations, the applications take care of everything your company needs for a logo that speaks for itself.

 3)  Tagline

A tagline is a one-line slogan of just a few words that speak for the services that you offer. You need to think of the logo, salon name and tagline as one unit that functions together; hence make sure you decide and design them accordingly.

Express your attitude, quality and creativity through your tagline and represent your salon with impact.

4)  Titles of services and owner

To empower your salon's business look, you need to mention a few important services that your salon offers. You may also choose to print separate business cards for separate occasions or seasons. For ex- you may have a bridal salon card listing all bridal services, a normal daycare card for your usual customers etc. You can also mention the title of service you are professional in, right under your name, like nail designer, makeup artist etc. This adds to the credits your salon makes through its salon cards.

5)  Contact details

The most pivotal role of a salon card is to attract customers and bring them your way. Perfect contact details are often the most important detail missed on. Add your salon’s address, credible phone number and mail ID. You can also add your social handles to increase your reach.

A good salon card is one that renders your service with loyal customers and keeps your business thriving. With the above important details, draft your ideal salon card today and get your business going!

'beauty logo maker' is not an app. rewrite the sentence as 'if you are looking for a beauty logo maker you can find several applications online.