5 Helpful Strategies On How To Get More Relevant Online Reviews For Your Business

  • 1 week ago

Some potential customers do some initial research by reading reviews and comments online. They want to be persuaded and assured first that the product they are purchasing is 100% legit and investment-worthy before they entirely give their "yes." Thus, as business owners, having or getting a lot of relevant positive online reviews can help you in boosting your sales. 

Aside from the increase in sales, online reviews and comments can also validate your hard work as business owners. By evaluating each review, you will know if the product you are offering is a success in the field or if it still needs improvement or development. So, the more you gather online reviews, the more chances you'll get validation. But how do you persuade your recent customers to give you a truthful and relevant review? 

Establish Your Business Website

Since we are currently living in a technological period, establishing a website for your business has many advantages. You can post all your products, as well as its description and prices, on your website. You can also design your website to have a comment box below each item to encourage your recent customers to drop their reviews and comments.

Your business website can also be used in getting more reviews by opening an online transaction between you and your customers. You may offer door-to-door product delivery services, enticing them of hassle-free and trustworthy online shopping. They only have to sign up, order a product, and create an online transaction.

As they receive their orders, they are to confirm on the website that the transaction is completed. In confirming the transaction's completion, the website should be designed to automatically ask the customers to give a rating and an overall review of the product and the services they are offered.

Post Survey Links On Social Media

Social media sites are the most used, influential, and user-friendly online platforms on the internet. Most people spend their free time scrolling and reading posts on these sites. You can thus use these sites to gather relevant reviews and comments about your company and its products.

You only have to create a profile or webpage on each social media site. Make your webpage known to everyone by gathering followers. And then, start posting all your products with an enticing and alluring caption to captivate your potential customers. Then, start posting survey links on your webpage several times to disseminate them to a large number of people.

You can also add posts on each social media site, asking for an honest and truthful review of your product. Some people, especially those who are satisfied with your products and services, will care to comment and provide relevant reviews.

Ask For A Feedback Via Email

If you have your customers' email addresses, you may politely contact them and ask for feedback or a review about the product they have purchased from you. Some of them, especially those who are satisfied with what they received, would be openly willing to respond with a positive review of your product.

It will also be more comfortable for your customers to contact you and express their dissatisfaction and concerns, if there is any, without having to publicly post it online. By knowing their concerns, you can now find ways to address them and make some improvements to avoid encountering the same problems and issues in the future.

Hype Your "Reviewers" By Posting Them and Their Reviews Online

Some people love seeing their names and their opinions on screen. Seeing their names on screen often makes them feel like their opinions are being validated and trusted. And some people, especially those who are potential customers, get persuaded when they see real names giving real and truthful reviews online.

By posting your customers' reviews on your website or your social media webpages, you will be hitting two targets at the same time. First, it will encourage and excite more people to give their reviews on your products. And second, if the reviews are all great and convincing, it will also persuade numerous people to start trusting and buying products from you.

Offer Rewards and Discounts

Offering rewards and discounts is the most effective and alluring strategy to talk your recent customers into giving a relevant review about your product. You can offer them free delivery charge services or a 10% discount the next time they order products from you if they give relevant, truthful, and positive ratings and online reviews about their transaction.



Since your customers are the bloodline of your company, you should maintain a healthy relationship with them. The reputation of your company and products lies in their online reviews and comments. These online reviews and comments also validate how successful you are in your business. You should also be responsive to all your customers' concerns  to avoid receiving bad reviews that would significantly affect your brand.