Xnspy: Qatar’s best cell phone monitoring app

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Monitoring apps are popular among parents and managers. For parents, cell phone monitoring apps provide them with their child’s whereabouts and what they do online. Likewise, employers can track their employees and assess their work. In addition to this, managers can also monitor the productivity level of an employee, ensure employee loyalty, and make sure that they are not involved in inappropriate activity during working hours. Hence, the market for monitoring app has grown exponentially because of these apps eclectic use.

Xnspy is one such app that has lately become a successful monitoring app in Qatar. The app is compatible with most mobile devices and OS. Hence, this makes it easier to install and use on cell phones.

Once installed, Xnspy can monitor device activity such as messages, call logs, contacts, etc. The collected data on the device is uploaded to the Xnspy account available for your private access. The web-based account provides comprehensive reports on the data collected on the device.

Features of Xnspy

Xnspy offers various features that aid in remotely monitoring the phone activity of a person. The features that Xnspy offers include:

Call Logs and Contacts

The app allows its users to view all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls list with the details like callers' names, numbers, and time and duration of their calls. Hence, one can keep track of who calls the device and when.

Messages and IM apps

The user can monitor the sent and received messages with details of the contact. With each message, you can view the name and phone number of the person. Likewise, messages sent via instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram Direct messages, WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Viber, and others are also accessible. The user can view the content of the message and the details on the account.

Multimedia Files

Multimedia files stored on the device, such as photos and videos are accessible for viewing via their Xnspy account. Moreover, the user can download the files.

Internet Activity & Emails

When it comes to monitoring a person’s internet browsing activity, Xnspy allows you to access their browsing history, and also the bookmarked webpages. You can also access the content of their emails.

Call Recording and Ambient Listening

This feature allows the user to record phone calls made from the monitored device. The recorded audio file is accessible on the Xnspy account. Likewise, you can record the surroundings of the phone when it is in idle mode.

Watchlist and Alerts

The user can add particular words to Watchlist words. You can also add contacts and locations to Watchlist contacts and Watchlist location, respectively. The app generates alerts in the case a Watchlist word, location, or contact. For example, if the word “sad” was in the Watchlist, each time the user of the device used the word “sad” in their conversations, the app sends an alert to the account.

Remote Control

The app is not only for monitoring the activity on a device, but it can also help you in remotely controlling the device. It makes it an essential app for parents because it helps them restrict activity on a smartphone. Xnspy shows the list of apps installed on the device. From the account, one can lock the device, block apps, and wipe date from the device.

Location, Geo-fencing, and Wi-Fi Network Logging

The app monitors the live location of the device. In addition to this, you can also view the previous locations of the device. Moreover, the app notifies the user when the device enters or leaves a marked location. The app also provides the list of the Wi-Fi networks that the device connects to this.

Actuarial Reports

One of the best things about the app is that it offers reports about the activity on the device. The report provides insights regarding the person using the phone. On the Xnspy account, you can view the top 5 callers, top 5 call duration, and the top 10 frequently visited websites. The app also provides weekly reports on all incoming and outgoing calls. So you can view who the user of the device was in contact with, throughout the week.


Xnspy is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. You can download it on phones with the latest and older mobile operating systems. When it comes to Android, the app is compatible with Android 4.x up to 9.x. For iOS, the app is compatible with iOS 6 up to 12.4.1.


The installation process for Xnspy is easy. You don’t have to read manuals or take tutorials to download to set up the app. Xnspy’s setup is designed in a way that at every step of the installation, you are assisted what to do next. And if that still seems a little much for you to handle, you could always take some extra help from Xnspy’s remote installation assistance.


To download and install the app on an Android phone, you need physical access to the device. After subscribing to the app, a link will be sent to your email account. Open the URL on the Android device you would like Xnspy to be downloaded. Follow the remaining instructions and you will have the app running on an Android device in no time.

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Installing Xnspy on an iPhone is straightforward as compared to installing the app on Android. You don’t need physical access to a device, only the iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password) are required. Login to the Xnspy account, and enter the iCloud credentials and select the device that you want to monitor. That completes the installation process.

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Subscription Plans

Xnspy offers two subscription plans, Basic Plan and Premium Plan. The Premium Plan offers more features than the Basic Plan. The pricing for the plans also varies. You can purchase the subscription on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Xnspy often has discounted rates up to 40% on the subscription plans that they offer. You can avail the discounts on the website.





Basic Edition




Premium Edition





There is no doubt that Xnspy’s performance is excellent. Most monitoring apps affect the performance of the device; however, users don’t face such problems with Xnspy. You can change the settings on your Xnspy account so that the data uploads only when the phone is charging. This is great because it avoids the battery drainage issues which normally raises suspicion.


The numerous features, excellent performance, and the effortless installation make Xnspy one of the best cell phone monitoring app in Qatar. But, there’s more to this app than you think. If you are planning on to staying discreet about monitoring someone’s device, you have to have the guarantee that your cell phone monitoring won’t screw you over. But don’t worry! Xnspy works in 100% stealth mode. Also, note that Xnspy comes a great price which is the lowest for any comparable cell phone monitoring application. Get yours here: www.Xnspy.com.