Why Do You Need a Social Media CRM Platform?

  • 1 month ago

The industrialization has reached the point where people are trying to automate almost every process they do every day. What can we say about it when it comes to business. However, until now, relationships with customers, at least in medium and small businesses, for some reason are very often conducted without the introduction of automation and sufficient attention to accounting.

CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management) is an application software for companies. It's designed to automate customer interactions. It is commonly used to increase sales. It optimizes marketing and improves customer service by storing information about customers and the history of customer relationships. It establishes and improves business processes, and then analyzing the results.

How the sales world lived without CRM

In the 80-90s, when no system of customer relationship existed yet, sales in most companies were based on a similar pattern.

There is an office, there are several managers and telephones. Managers themselves call and receive incoming calls, somehow sell, somehow lead customers, somehow answer questions. Moreover, many companies still work according to this scheme. Under such a system, the results of the sales department depended, first of all, on the decency and personal qualities of each of the managers. Then the cult of the almighty seller appeared, and all companies began to actively develop the sales skills of their managers.

At the time, companies sent their sales teams in droves for training. It is believed that it was the magic tools and techniques that would make the overdrive to sell the business. On an equal footing, the winners were those who managed to hire super-professionals.

On the one hand, if you are lucky with the manager, he will not let the client through, he will call back in time and bring you to the deal.

Modern technologies gradually began to appear. They bring with them completely new tools for working with clients. Now, for the success of sales, it is important to know everything about the buyer: what is his name and how old he is. Also, it's important to know where he lives, whether he has a family, what he likes to buy, where and how often he does it.

Sales are automated, the client is individual

A person loves attention to his person. He is disappointed with a "cold" reception at the bank, inattention in a store, a queue at the clinic. Therefore, he welcomes and remembers any attention to his needs. A company that shows (unobtrusive!) Attention to every customer becomes respected and loved by customers. The client turns to her services again and again. Thereby increasing the company's sales without unnecessary costs for product promotion. According to statistics, a satisfied customer will tell five acquaintances about a successful purchase, who are more likely to turn to the same company if necessary.

Customer Relationship Management or customer relationship management system. Mysterious management, some kind of relationship ... Companies that had the resources began to implement everything that the market offered, without much delving into the details. There are many examples when companies spent millions of budgets, installed all kinds of expensive systems, and as a result, the main tasks remained unresolved.

What exactly influences the sale? Where do the applications come from? What area of ​​work is the highest conversion? Thanks to CRM, a company receives answers to thousands of questions that are important for doing business and making the right management decisions.

It is not the presence of social media CRM in the company that is important, but its setup and work with it, the maximum use of its functionality.


A company without a CRM system and a company with a CRM system can be compared to two trains. Only the first train is an old slow electric train, and the second is a modern, highly comfortable express train that reaches its destination twice as fast. Of course, on the condition of a competent thinking driver.