What is VPN & how it is useful to access anywhere

  • 1 year ago
What is VPN & how it is useful to access anywhere

VPN is the popular form of creating a duplicate path of server location, whenever, people get access to the blocked site and other means of the blocked online platform. Once you have used a VPN, you supposed to know how it comes out effective to us. To surf safely, one should confirm the network security with VPN. Hence, the paid VPN can give you a safer experience.

More specifically, VPN is set up a logical network connection, hiding another network so that it would not be traced where you are located. The procedure goes with the encryption and decryption process simultaneously. 


The total function of VPN step by step:

  • At first, you need to download a VPN and then install it. 

  • Your PC, Laptop or smartphone comes to attachment with VPN server.

  • Authentication created for certifying the server tunnel.

  • Pre-Configured algorithm encryption will occur.

  • Server hit the requested internet resource.

  • Traffic decryption processes will occur to reach the resource.

  • Encryption process afterward the decryption process occur.

  • The decryption and encryption both will go on instantaneously.

  • It leads to slow down the internet speed but not always.

How to start using a VPN?

You can start using VPN from the app store platform or any other means. Once you have downloaded it from that particular place you can easily use it. But the best thing would   a paid version app or free trial as these would be more reliable to use.

Network security VPN

VPN when comes to use for multiple people under one umbrella, most often they combine it and this is for privacy. Network channel of VPN is of great use to protect privacy.

The connection   with the best available security however, it will sound horrible to you about the slow connection. 

In order to establish this, you are required to create an entry-level point and combine the rest of the networks with it. This will slow down the connection therefore, close distance network setup is suggested for that. 

What is OpenVPN?

  • Open source VPN is a combination of third-party software. 

  • The third party software configured with it and, then encrypt the whole traffic. 

  • OpenVPN uses the OpenSSL library in this period.

  • The whole operation is outperformed by the high-speed operation and reliability. 

  • OpenVPN doesn't work in smartphones platform.

What is PPTP?

  • This is not safe enough in comparison with the OpenVPN tunnel.

  • Two connection simultaneously establish.

  • First one works to create the channel.

  • The second one works to bolster it.

  • PPTP is likely to be more vulnerable in terms of security.

What is IPSec?

  • IPsec basically runs on the iOS platform, and when you properly customized, it works excellent.

  • IPsec is not safer compared to the OpenVPN.

  • IPsec is a slower version VPN and takes time while you are surfing.


  • Both are used for data transfer on the internet

  • TCP performs slow data transfer but secure internet process

  • UDP is a fast data transfer process however it is less reliable 

  • Long distance user knows UDP VPN is for better security. 

  • TCP is used for Short distance VPN server

How to hide your IP address?

1. Use any specific VPN

2. Use any proxy/socks

3. Use the SSH-tunnel

4. Use TOR

Here you get to know about the major functionalities of VPN. We’ve tried our best to showcase the in-depth functionality of VPN so that you can get a clear look. Apart from this, how it outperforms across the various channel. 

VPN is so important for us and day by day the importance will be rising, no doubt. So, make sure a secure VPN which would be a paid version. The unpaid are less secured and conduct slow internet version.