What Are Numerical Reasoning Tests?

  • 8 months   ago
What Are Numerical Reasoning Tests?

What are numerical reasoning tests?

Numerical reasoning tests are a type of aptitude test used by employers to assess your ability to work with and analyse numerical data. This is usually done through long questions, graphs, percentages, and currency conversion that require more comprehension and identification of key information. They are used by companies in all different sectors for all kinds of positions, so there is a good chance that you’ll come across one in your job search.

Why do employers use them?

Since numerical reasoning tests differ from basic numeracy tests, employers like to use them to see how candidates will cope with tasks similar to the work they’ll actually be doing. This means that whether or not you have a strong background in mathematics, numerical reasoning tests will find the candidates who can both work with numbers and critically use the data. In the modern market, data is everything. To have a strong analyst on your side can rocket your company to success.

While these tests assess specific numerical competencies, aptitude tests also give employers a great insight into how a candidate might perform under pressure. This means most companies use numerical reasoning tests as part of their graduate schemes, even some which may surprise you like Aldi, Boots, and the BBC, so it’s best to start practice tests right away, no matter who you’re applying for.

What to expect?

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to be tricky. As mentioned above, most of the top companies in the world use numerical reasoning tests as part of their hiring process, so naturally, they are looking for the best candidates.

There are lots of different companies that create numerical reasoning tests, so they will all differ slightly, but the standard format is multiple choice tests that adhere to the one question to one minute timing. If possible, ask which provider they use for their tests so you can look up their specific practice tests and preparation guidelines.


How to prepare

Like any aptitude test, numerical reasoning tests are definitely one to practice. Thankfully, you’re already in the right place for that. We have thousands of free aptitude tests, including numerical reasoning tests, basic numeracy tests, and even financial reasoning tests.

One of the hardest aspects of numerical reasoning tests is the time limit, so practice getting comfortable with this and the real thing will be a lot less stressful. You can also download our practice test pdf to test yourself offline and reduce distractions. 

We have great guides on how to prepare for numerical reasoning tests and how to ace them. Check out all of our aptitude test resources to make sure you’re ready for success.