The Impact Created by COVID-19 on the IPTV Industry

  • 7 months   ago

COVID-19 pandemic has created a major impact on numerous industries across the world. While analyzing that impact, it is also worthy to take a look at the nature of impact that is created on the IPTV industry as well. Then you can get a better picture on how the IPTV industry would behave during the upcoming months.

Along with the COVID-19 impact, numerous industries are expected to slow down. Among those industries, you can find IPTV industry as well. We could see how the IPTV industry is going through an accelerated growth within the recent past. However, we can expect a slowdown in the growth to happen. The growth of the entire IPTV industry was $48.91 billion back in the year 20189. It will only be $50.17 billion in the year 2020. In other words, the growth will only be 2.59%. If you can take a look at the growth in between 2018 and 2019, you will figure out that it is much higher. 

The slowdown in the growth of IPTV industry takes place due to the economic slowdown in different countries across the world. This has taken place due to the COVD-19 outbreak. Numerous measures have been taken in order to control the negative impact created by the pandemic. These measures have slowed down the industry and we will not be able to see any positive changes taking place in the future. However, this will only be a temporary slowdown. We can expect the IPTV industry to grow again after the year 2023. In other words, the industry would grow to become a massive $71.45 billion industry by the year 2023.

When you take a look at the different IPTV industries that exist out there in the world, you will figure out that North America has the largest industry. However, it will not take a long time for Asia Pacific to become the largest IPTV market in the world. It is already growing at a faster pace when compared to the market in North America. Hence, the number of consumers who use IPTV connections in the Asia Pacific region will outpace the number of customers who use IPTV connections in North America. The growth of infrastructure, including access to high speed broadband will provide much-needed support to ensure this growth.  A large number of IPTV resellers are catering to this growth as well. 




As of now, it is possible to conclude that the IPTV industry is affected by COVID pandemic. However, the impact created on the industry is temporary. The worldwide economic crisis created as a result of the pandemic has slowed down economic growth. Due to the same reason, people are not willing to spend a lot of money on entertainment. Even though this fact has created an impact on the IPTV market, things will get back to normal pretty soon. People just need to keep their fingers crossed and expect for the best to happen in the future.