How to pick the best antivirus for your laptop in 2019?

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How to pick the best antivirus for your laptop in 2019?

Antivirus has become an essential program in a laptop as they are infected with many viruses daily. Read the article for best Mac antivirus.

Antivirus is a program that is developed to protect the computer from viruses and malicious programs like trojans, adware, and so on. Mac can also be infected by the virus but less likely to be affected in comparison to the Windows devices. In the article, we will be demonstrating to you with the method of picking the best antivirus for Mac in 2019.

You need to get an antivirus with some important features which are listed below:

  • Advanced malware detection and removal

  • Features for the maintenance of the device

  • A sturdy firewall

  • Parental Control Features

  • Feature of safe browsing

You need to look after the pricing of the program as well. Customer support is also one of the essential aspects so far. If you get the trial version to the antivirus, you can give a try and buy the product if you liked it.


Is antivirus necessary?

According to Comparitech, Macs are not immune to malware and are targeted by attackers much often.

Viruses enter to the computer without letting us know. We find ourselves as the victim only after seeing the manifestations of the virus attacks. Being very careful is regarded as the best preventive measures of viruses, but it is not always possible. There are many newly discovered viruses whose behavior are so unprecedented that we cannot know the fact that they are viruses until we see the symptoms.

So, the answer to the question is "Yes." Antiviruses get daily database updates and can identify viruses efficiently and disinfect the computer or remove the infections as soon as they enter to the device. Our efforts for protection against viruses are also equally essential, but antiviruses reduce our work to identify the viruses by disinfecting before we sort out.

Is it necessary to protect the device from possible hacker attacks?

Yes, it is really essential. The hackers can even steal all of your sensitive data if they become successful to gain control over your device. So, you should always be careful that your data is completely secured and you are using the SSL encrypted version of any site while doing transactions online. There will be a huge loss if someone finds a loophole in your device.

Do antiviruses protect the Mac against hack attacks?

Yes, they can protect against the hacking attacks but not all the hacking attacks. Some of the antiviruses come with protection against phishing and have features of secure payment. You should not fully trust the antivirus for protection against hackers, but for basic attacks, the antivirus can save you.

Best Mac antivirus in 2019

Best Antivirus Pro lists TotalAV to be the options in 2019. Norton and McAfee are listed on second and third positions of best Mac antivirus respectively. Bitdefender is also regarded as a secure antivirus. You can follow the short instructions provided on how to pick the best one in 2019.


So, you need to determine the features you require in the antivirus before buying any antivirus for Mac. Then, your budget should also be kept in mind. You need to observe the behavior of viruses and be alert if you again see similar action in the future. Browsing only trusted sites can prevent Mac from virus infection.

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