How to learn Mavenlink?

  • 4 months   ago

Mavenlink is an online software designed to assist service organizations in project management. In the past, service organizations have encountered many difficulties in managing various projects. How individuals cooperate was changing, and the correct tool was missing. Mavenlink was founded in 2008, and it has been awarded as a leader in both the Professional Service Automation and Project Management categories.

Almost 80% of U.S. earnings is based on service enterprises, so the company realized that its software could help millions of people organize their business. This software helps service organizations facilitate ventures, collaboration, project financials, accounting features, task management, business intelligence, and resource planning, all in a single tool. This creates a way for service organizations to flourish.

How to Learn Mavenlink?

Through the Mavenlink course, you will learn how to use a robust Professional Service Automation (PSA) software. With Mavenlink training, you will become familiar with the essential and basic functionalities of Mavenlink. Mavenlink PSA Tool helps you advance the experience for your team so they can associate, work together, execute, and flourish better than ever.

If you are interested in learning more about Mavenlink software, so you can add value to your organization, here are five platforms to learn from: 

Mavenlink Training Center

Mavenlink organizes various training programs on its training center website so that service businesses can maximize the benefits of using the Project Management tool. They offer ample courses and training programs so that users can manage projects more effectively and provide resources that can be adequately utilized in business. It suggests specific courses according to the need of the customer. For example, self-serve customers can go for the Self-Starter Course. MavenOps customers can take the live educator driven Core Product Training Course, while non-MavenOps customers can consider taking the Core Product Certification course.

Mavenlink Knowledge Base

Mavenlink has created a page for Knowledge Base. This page has several articles on different topics. It serves as a product manual or personal guide. There are more than 15 articles on ‘Getting Started’ in the form of a step-by-step guide, FAQs, and other different articles providing general and basic information about the software.

Mavenlink Video Tutorials

This online software also has a dedicated page for Video Tutorials, divided into two parts: Webinars and Tutorials. In the Webinar Section, you will find recorded webinars on more than 15 different links. They include various topics like how to get customized Mavenlink, Project Kickoff, and many more. In the Tutorial Section, there are more than six links to video tutorials on various topics like how to integrate Google Apps with Mavenlink, and how to prepare financial reports in Mavenlink.


Mavenlink YouTube Channel

Mavenlink created its YouTube channel in 2009 to guide users on how to operate project management software. Hundreds of videos have been posted and also viewed by more than 100,000 people. Their YouTube channel has a wide variety of videos, including webinars, product promotion, customers’ feedback, integration of apps, and many more. If you are searching for video tutorials directly provided by the developer, this platform is a must-visit.

Tallyfy Mavenlink Review

Tallyfly is also one of the most used software for business management. It helps customers in recording the documents automatically and also provides a detailed description of Mavenlink. Their articles provide full guidance on how to use business tools, video tutorials, and other basic information. The review also explains different Mavenlink plans and special features of each plan.

Mavenlink training program includes: 



Introduction to Mavenlink software

• Basic Fundamentals and its Administration

• Workspace Management

• Resource Management focuses on four stages- estimating, planning, executing, analyzing, and optimizing.

• Project Reporting and Accounting

• Business Intelligence and other insights