How Does the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Feel

  • 2 months   ago

With the development of technology, the number of buyers has increased. What is the experience of wireless Bluetooth Earphones? This evaluation of Sports Bluetooth Earphones will bring some suggestions. 

FlyPods Pro produced by HONOR brings users the enjoyment. This is in terms of beauty and experience. 

In addition to being beautiful, the curved design can stick to the tragus. This improves the wearing stability. It will not fall off when exercising. 

Click the setting option of "Paired Devices" in the Bluetooth setting interface on the mobile phone side. This is to enter the detailed function setting page of Bluetooth earphones. 

Regarding some quick operations of FlyPods Pro, tapping the left and right can trigger their functions. Tapping the left earphones can exhale the voice assistant. Tapping the right earphones can control music playing or pausing. 

Many users like to listen to music with earphones on the way to and from work. As the weather gets colder, if you want to control the earphone, you need to raise your hand and touch the earphone. 

If you remove FlyPods Pro from your ear, it will stop. When you wear it again, it will identify and continue broadcasting. 

When you need to talk to others, you can take off the earphone. You don’t need to worry about missing the content played in the earphone

The biggest highlight of FlyPods Pro is its bone voiceprint technology. This is unique such as fingerprints and iris on our phones. Everyone's bone voiceprint information is different. Bone voiceprint is closed. 

FlyPods Pro can obtain bone voiceprint information. With AI intelligent technology, the owner's identity can be identified and unlocked. 

It adopts a two-layer mechanism. Bone vibration is unique as human fingerprints. This is a new type of detection technology. FlyPods is to verify ID. This is by collecting bone vibrations. FlyPods has built-in 2 MIC. It has bone conduction voiceprint enhancement technology. This is to improve the accuracy of traditional voiceprint. 

In terms of the application, as long as you wear it and say "Hello YOYO" (you need to enter bone voiceprint information), you can unlock the phone. You can complete voice control. 

When listening to songs, you can say "last song/next song" or "answer/hang up" to control music. When driving, it is not convenient to get a mobile phone. 

The earphone body is small. It is difficult to add solid or touch keys to facilitate user interaction. FlyPods Pro's bone voiceprint recognition technology cooperates with intelligent life YOYO. It is to realize interaction in another dimension. It can solve interaction problems. This is to improve the use experience. 

In terms of endurance, the single-ear battery capacity is 25mAh. The charging box battery capacity is 420mAh. During one test, users started listening to music with FlyPods Pro at 09:40 a.m. At this time, the earphone power is 100%. The system volume is 50%. Continue to use until 12: 04 noon, FlyPods Pro runs out of power and the earphones stop playing. The whole process lasted for 2 hours and 24 minutes. 

Judging from the endurance performance, FlyPods Pro performs well. After consuming the power, you can put the earphone into the recovery box. The box will charge FlyPods Pro. 

Charging with 15 minutes can charge 50% of the electricity. You can listen to music for 1.5 hours. You can phone calls for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The charging speed is fast. 

The storage box can charge the FlyPods Pro about 6 times. This is when it is charged. It is not necessary to worry about the earphone being unusable. 

No matter how cool the function of an earphone is, it is an earphone after all. If it is an earphone, we should consider its sound quality. 

FlyPods Pro uses a 13mm moving coil unit. It supports HWA high definition Bluetooth transmission protocol. 

FlyPods Pro Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones is a Bluetooth Earphone. It can accompany users for a long time. It is with practical functions by black technologies such as bone voiceprint and AI. Consumers need to pay attention to it when considering to purchase this earphone.