Have you Ever Wondered How Does In-Flight Wi-Fi Work?

  • 2 years   ago
Have you Ever Wondered How Does In-Flight Wi-Fi Work?

Gone are the days when you used to miss an imperative email on account of being on the flight. These days you are associated with everything on earth while being airborne. Innovation like the in-flight Wi-Fi is gradually spreading over and is changing the manner in which individuals fly. 

A great deal of things go behind spilling your most loved Netflix the distance to those high heights. Would you be able to envision that the Wi-Fi signals you get in your flight are sent from space? 

Continue perusing to discover how you get network while skimming in the mists. 


The working. 


Your in-flight Wi-Fi can be fueled by two different ways. The first is the ATG (air-to-ground) strategy where the signs are sent starting from the earliest stage to the plane while the second is the satellite-based IFC where organizing is finished with the assistance of satellites. 

ATG system. 


ATG (Air-To-Ground) is generally utilized in the household flights. It utilizes two recieving wires which are available on the underbody of the plane for flag gathering and transmission. They work related to the correspondence towers present on the ground. 

Restrictions of ATG. 

Limitationsof ATG.

As the plane travels at around 900kmph (560 miles 60 minutes), it needs to regularly switch between the stationary towers on the ground to look after availability. It in some cases causes arrange intrusion. Additionally, the speed offered by ATG is low in spite of real enhancements. 

For what reason is Satellite IFC system required? 

Whyis Satellite IFC mechanism needed? 

At the point when the plane goes over a vast water body or a remote zone where the flag towers are non-existent, there is no network. Besides, ATGs ordinarily bolster till the height of 30000 feet as it were. At that point comes the Satellite IFC system for protect. 

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