GoDaddy SSL Coupon Codes: Get upto 90% off on SSL Certificates

  • 9 months   ago
GoDaddy SSL Coupon Codes: Get upto 90% off on SSL Certificates

With numerous threats lurking on the internet security is now much more important than ever before. Every day, innocent netizens are falling prey to hackers and identity thieves, losing their money and intellectual property in the process.

It’s estimated that companies lose around $400 Billion to hackers every year. That’s why it is imperative for companies to take protective measures against cybercriminals.

SSL certification is one of the more efficient tools against online threats. One can buy SSL certificates from vendors such as GoDaddy to authenticate security to their website. GoDaddy provides both industry-standard 128-bit encryption and high-level 256-bit encryption.
GoDaddy SSL certificates are much sought-after due to their greater level of reliability. Another reason why SSL certificates from GoDaddy are so popular is their affordable price. In first year of service, Latest Godaddy SSL Coupon Codes that givesupto 90% discount, allowing customers to get online security within a budget.

Here are the different types of GoDaddy SSL certificates:

  1. Single Domain SSL

The single-domain SSL of GoDaddy is secured by SHA-2 algorithm and 2048-bit RSA key. It only takes few minutes to be issued and needs no comprehensive verification of documents. You can buy GoDaddy SSL coupon and get these certifications for a tremendous discount. Getting this certification will boost your ranking on Google.

  1. Wildcard SSL

If you need to secure multiple subdomains pointing to a single domain name, GoDaddy wildcard SSL certificate will do the trick. Purchasing one wildcard SSL certificate will save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on multiple certificates.

  1. Unified Communication Certificates (UCC)

UCC will allow you to secure multiple domains with a single certificate. However, these certificates are organizationally validated and have an extended issuance period. A padlock is displayed on the UCC secured websites giving visitors a sense of protection. If you’re running a startup, getting the GoDaddy SSL coupon for UCC is a convenient and inexpensive option.

  1. Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)

GoDaddy EV SSL has the most extensive validationprocess but it delivers the highest level of security. Website with this certificate displays a green bar, assuring visitors that any information they give out is in safe hands. Visitors can also see the name of the business and its home country on the browser address bar. It is the most expensive certificate but can become reasonably priced for anyone that has GoDaddy SSL Coupon.

  1. Organization Validation Certificates (OV SSL)

Primary function of OV SSL is to secure and encrypt user’s confidential information during a transaction. It’s similar to EV SSL as it provides an extremely high level of certification to establish the credibility of a business. Any website secured by OV SSL carries 256-bit encryption, which makes it virtually impossible for hackers to breakthrough. The business information of any organization using this certificate becomes visible to all visitors. Since OV SSL is only second to EV SSL when it comes to the price, buyers are well-advised to get GoDaddy SSL Coupon and save their cash.

  1. Code Signing SSL

Code signing certificate of GoDaddy verifies your code integrity, giving assurance that your code has not been tempered since it was first signed. This helps users determine if the software on the website can be trusted. Anyone that downloads software from a website without code signing will receive multiple warnings.

Final Words

GoDaddy is an excellent source of SSL certificates for websites that want to instill trust in their visitors. Users can buy multiple certificates from GoDaddy for cost-efficient prices and be counted on the online sphere. However, the price on these SSL certificates could go even lower if the netizens utilize the proper coupon and discount codes.