Features of GbWhatsapp

  • 1 year ago
Features of GbWhatsapp

Whatsapp is the number one communication application on play store with over 1 billion downloads on the play store.

The application is famous for various features which include, texting, video call and voice call, sharing photos, videos, documents and contacts. 

No doubt WhatsApp has a lot of features which can help you to connect with your friends, family, and clients but there are still some features and modifications that aren’t available for the normal version of WhatsApp.

So a group of developer modified WhatsApp and added some additional features to it, the modified version is named GbWhatsapp.

GbWhatsapp along with basic features of WhatsApp, Gbwhatsapp is packed with many more exciting features.

So have a look at the features of GbWhatsapp before trying it out.

Features of GbWhatsapp

Share videos longer than 30 seconds

With gbwhatsapp, you can bypass the limit of sharing videos of only 30 seconds. You can upload a video of more than 30 seconds in your status. You can also share videos of more than 16mb with your contacts using. This is one of the most loved feature of Gbwhatsapp.

Hide your active status

You can hide your last seen, typing indicator, read reciepts in Gbwhatsapp. You can even freeze your last seen so that nobody would ever know when was the last time you were active. This feature will only hide your active status but you will still be able to see others active status.

On top of that, you also have the “always active feature” which will make you appear online for 24 hours.


GbWhatsapp lets you customize everything from the chat bubble to the fonts, wallpaper and even the notification icons. 

You can download themes in the Gbsettings menu and choose your favorite theme.

Two Whatsapp in one device

You can use two WhatsApp simultaneously, gbwhatsapp wouldn't conflict with the original version of WhatsApp.

So if you want to keep one number for work and one number for friends and family, it is possible with gbwhatsapp. You can change the icon of the gbwhatsapp via GB settings to distinguish between them.

Just keep in mind you cannot use the same number on both versions at once and if you try the other one will stop working.

Friends status

Gbwhatsapp allows you to download and copy your friends status in just a few taps.

You can copy the text status to clipboard and save the photo and video status in your gallery.