Designrr Review 2020 – Best Tool to Optimize Productivity

  • 3 months   ago

What is Designrr?

Designrr is one of the best content repurposing software programs that help in creating different types of media products out of many file formats and sources. In content repurposing, you utilize existing content and engage readers on various platforms.

When Was Designrr Launched and Who Designed It?

Designrr was introduced into the market in 2016. Paul Bannister designed the tool. The guy is the CEO of PageOneTraffic, a company that deals with the creation of tools for optimizing productivity for content creators, marketers, and small business owners.

Who is Designrr for?

Designrr suits anyone who wishes to monetize and fully optimize their new online and existing content. The software is great for users that aren’t accustomed to professional tools such as illustrators or other tools with a complex learning curve.

Also, Designrr is suitable for starters who don’t have enough to spend on hiring a professional to work on content. The application can help save hundreds of dollars and a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on hiring content creators such as editors, designers, and transcribers.

The application can also work for anyone who’s trying to market or establish their brands in their specific industry, by building high-quality and engaging content to allow for continued sharing.

What are Designrr’s Main Features?

• User-friendliness: Designrr is very user-friendly. You don’t need any special skills or training to be able to utilize this tool. If you experience difficulties while using it, you can get in touch with the support, which response fast. 

• User Interface Simplicity: The User Interface (UI) is very simple. It’s great and works seamlessly without any buggy. 

• Lead Magnets: Designrr is used to create content that helps to convert users into profitable and lasting customers. 

• Editing Capabilities: Designrr provides users with a wide range of editing features that help them in editing their contents according to their taste. Most of those features are also user-friendly. 

• Lots of Templates: Designrr comes with hundreds of templates that are highly optimized so that you can just directly use them. 

• Audio and Video Transcription: Audi and Video transcription are some of the greatest features of Designrr. The feature allows you to transcribe your video and audio files into texts. However, the feature is only available in Premium and Business Plans. 

• Media Archiving: You can utilize this software in creating your content archives for any use that you may need. 

• Cloud-Based Service: This is another great feature of Designrr. It’s fully cloud-based, which makes it reliable and fast. You don’t need to download and install anything on your computer. 

What are Designrr Plans?

Designrr comes with four reasonably-priced plans that are designed to suit your unique business needs. They include Business Plan, Premium, Pro, and Standard Plan. The Pro and Standard Plans are well-suited to users who only want to repurpose their content.

The Business and Premium Plans are great for anyone looking for something more than just content repurposing. They include a video/audio transcription feature that helps to convert video or audio contents into texts.



Designrr is a great, user-friendly, reliable, and affordable content repurposing tool. Whether you’re a marketer, small business owner, freelancer, YouTuber, or anyone in the content marketing industry, this tool is for you.